Ужасы сайта mouchette

Ужасы сайта mouchette = The horrors of the mouchette site
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Found and archived and documented by Nikos Voyiatzis 

Ужасы сайта mouchette

english translation of title: Τhe horrors of the mouchette site


This video of youtube user Sargnir contains moving images from browser recordings of mouchette.org [how?software?], plus other footage-shots, and sound narration by a male voice.
It presents mouchette.org as a strange website attaching on it horror and mystery elements.
There is an intro with dark phantasy elements and computer errors, the logo of the user, and then the video goes to Mouchette.org.
It shows navigation in mouchette.org from a desktop (I guess) browser [which one?].
The user starts from the homepage (http://mouchette.org), zooms in parts of it, then uses the dropdown menu of the homepage to go to M.org.ue (m.org.ue/index.html), then visits
Wattlechick (http://mouchette.org/nom/wattle.html), and then there are some non mouchette shots with fingers typing and a lamp in a dark room, the user visits Fly (http://mouchette.org/nom/fly.html, http://mouchette.org/fly/index.html , http://mouchette.org/fly/dead.html? and http://mouchette.org/fly/tellme.html).
Then the user watches the Lullaby for a dead fly (http://mouchette.org/fly/flies.html) and goes back to the homepage.
From the dropdown the user picks The Cat, visits the page and kills the cat (http://mouchette.org/cat/index.html and http://mouchette.org/cat/kill.html?).
The last part of the video doesnt show mouchette.org but shots with hands, lights, words,clocks and a weird building.

additional comments by Nikos:
1.The user has created a mouchette.org logo for the intro of the mouchette part (kept here as screenshot entitled “Ужасы сайта mouchette snapshot.jpeg”.
2.There was an interesting comment reaction (kept here as screenshot with the title “Ужасы сайта mouchette comment from another user.jpeg” which I translated from russian. It comes from the youtube user Oksana Bragina and conveys more or less that mouchette.org is strange because it is an artwork, explains what mouchette means, gives the reference of the Bresson movie, and shows the opinion of the user for the Suicide kit of mouchette as the worse part of the website.

3. Sargnir recorded also some sounds from mouchette with own voice-media, such as “Why did you kill my cat”.


additional comments by Martine (reading the translated transcripts): ……..
First: 40 seconds of comments and music to set the stage with old-fashioned screen with code, skull and bones and alarm sounds. The text mentions “pregnant children and other persons with unstable psyche…” all this before arriving to a flowery mouchette’s homepage.
There are two different voice effects.
The voice reading the text on the page (mouchette’s voice?) is low, grave and very serious, with added echo and double voice sound, with a scary effect the voice of a ghost maybe…
The image is zoomed into the text on the homepage and gives a translation, making something innocent seem very ominous.
The voice of Sargnir has less sound effects, feels more natural but has a tone of warning.
The sound of the pages of the website is never playing, although the voice seems to comment the sounds in the website (like the work ‘7 songs’).
Why are there other pictures than the website (like typing hands, or a mask or trees…)? Is it to make a mystery of what you don’t see?
The comments mentions the mail  that someone receives sometime later when they click on the fly and leave their email.

Here I give an example of this mail:
“Dear Альбина Фе

When on the 22 Apr 2021 at 5:55, you clicked on me causing my death, the last words I read were yours, dear Альбина Фе, and I will never forget them.
Every night before sleeping, I hear them again, they became part of my ‘lullaby’

They are also stored in my database, forever.
(If you don’t remember your answer, the search engine at the bottom of the page can find it for you, if you type Albina-s0303@mail.ru as a keyword)

So now, dear Альбина Фе, although I hear you every night, there is still a place for you to write me from the world you are in (dead or alive, who cares? …) and killing me will be like a greeting



In the voice of the commentator this email feels like the message of a ghost from beyond the grave.
The pictures are not from mouchette but from one of the works of YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, another group of early net.art, recognisable by the typical ‘O with a / inside’ instead of ‘O’

The end of the story seems to be a personal record of things that happened, a sort of diabolic legend made up by the commentator, with pictures unrelated to the website with a request to give comments under the youtube video.
end of Martine’s comments

original url:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=julnPhXak2Y
date published:Jul 9, 2020
other info about user, other channels online:https://www.twitch.tv/sargnir1349/videos
account url:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-O48EB8DeUxsO7OE5KXOsg, https://goodgame.ru/channel/Sargnir
duration: 09.27 min
tags by user:#mouchette #мистика #sargnir
language: russian

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The  text transcript from youtube is here below:

Ужасы сайта mouchette transcript

If all is well, it will be translated and added as captions on the vimeo version.

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