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The sort of preservation that applies to the work I do is something I call Generative Preservation.
It means many things in the case of Mouchette:

1-that  is made to generate in many different ways. It is “alive” only when this process goes on, when this generativity is maintained within her data and and her code, and that the generated data is also preserved.

1* Interactive Narratives generate reactions, posts. There is a database of all the entries, started in 1999 still going on.

Here in Flesh and blood: scenario based on image, with questions and text fields

Here in Suicide Kit: a narrative scenario “What is the best way to kill yourself when you are under 13”?

Here  the posts are being republished online, every week more or less, there is a moderation, it’s manual.

Answers are being classified: here the category “cruel jokes”. You can circulate the categories through the links at the top of the page.

20 years of small narratives are being stored in the database. They can be searched by the public with a simple search tool. I can re-use them in different works.


Here from another work “Lullaby for a dead Fly”

Some mini scenario originated from post to the work “Fly”

Here below are pictures as “gifts to the fan-club”

More “gifts” to the fan club stored in the site.



2-that there is no original to be preserved as such but an infinity of iterations (works of online art or other) some I have created, some were created by others, and some existed even before I started, all this belonging to, in one way or another.

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