In preparation of our online meeting with the students of ArtEZ on Monday 26 April 2021, organised by Sanneke Huisman

My recommandation is to have your own visit of the website, a personal circulation, and to note all the questions that occur. Try it on a desktop computer, but also on tablet or phone just to find out if you see the same or different things. A lot of the art of Mouchette is in the circulation (it’s a jungle!) and in the interaction with the viewer.

Once your visit is done (once or more) , then you might check out the visits made and recorded by other viewers.

Some links: This is a sort of visual map that was made by a user in 2001

“The horror of mouchette site”, by a russian user in 2020

Other characters:

Visit him and try him , see what he does!

Other virtual characters still exist, but not not in a functional form, only in an archive.

See here XiaoQian, a chinese virtual character created in 2006


And Madja Edelstein Gomez, another virtual character, an online curator created in 2018.
She also exists only in the form of an online archive

Madja Edelstein-Gomez

Here is an online archive, a video showing and the other virtual persons.

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