MON: 會員

MON: Mouchette


“In 1996, a Web site that purports to be the work of an adolescent girl appeared at Visitors to the site are greeted with a lurid close-up of a flower, its petals crawling with ants and flies, accompanied by a portrait of a sad-looking girl and the following text: “My name is Mouchette/I live in Amsterdam/I am nearly 13 years old/I am an artist.” “
My impression of this webstie is embrassing and strange.No matter the web page design, the theme or the “message” that the artist wants to express are weird.It is barely possible that the artist was only 13 years-old.And  this reminds me that fake idenity is usual on Internet.
Besides, I feel embrassed while surfing this web page. It disturbs me to have a deeper and deeper look even I was alone.

Online Identity

1)I have 6 or more online identities,such as facebook,hotmail,xanga……
2)And some of those online identities’ would contain some fake personal data and information of mine.And I think those online identities can show characters that different to my “in person” identities,for example I am quite emotional in daily life,but when I use my online identities,I can control my mood,as I don’t need to react immediately,I can wait and think then just react emotionally.It brings different character to me.

3)It can bring us bravery to express our own viewpoint,as sometimes we may afraid to talk about our feeling towards some people,situations or issues happened in our daily life.Also,it is convenient for us to communicate to others because not eveyone use the same server with me.There are many different severs that people can construct online identities,so we can communicate with people all over the world easily through different severs.

4)Maybe it is easy to expose our personal data online,or even stolen by someome.It will be dangerous for our safty!Or it may bring kind of incomvenient to us as we may forget and mess up our use IDs in different severs that will lead us to lose some important accounts~

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