This blog has been the subject of malicious attacks which have detected by the webhost and then patiently cleaned out by Nikos. This picture from Nikos’ computer is a memory of it, troche showing in red some nasty lines of code in the ht access document, here which have been removed now.
We are having epic Skype sessions involving collaborative ftp visits to different domains related to Mouchette, more about logging in the dreamhost panel (my webhost) trying to find our way to some functions like changing ftp passwords, or ht access documents (we haven’t managed that one yet).
For amateurs like Nikos and me, not trained in programming languages and coding, and not familiar with system-admin, this is not a piece of cake!  My virtual server at has so many domains, subdomains, users, etc… many of them  I haven’t created myself, and still have to run, when I don’t really understand them…

Sometimes a headache, sometimes fun and adventurous, Nikos and me are learning while doing, and we love it, but bang our heads against our own limits.

It’s getting high time to involve a third partner  in the conservation who has competency in programming, security and system admin. Nikos is thinking of someone (Lucia Dossin) an ex-colleague student in the MA of Media design and communication of Rotterdam (Piet Zwart Institute). She can only start considering it next year in February.

In the meantime, we still have to  fix one post which for some mysterious reasons resists editing or deleting.

Here some images have been accidentally deleted and will be corrected or replaced soon.

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