Кленовый Сироп

Кленовый Сироп   = Maple syrup

Кленовый Сироп<kaleksandra436@gmail.com>

This is one of the gifts I receive per email. I wanted to store it here and to look at it sometimes.





An email from another Mouchette fan

30 october 2021 at 05:27

Adrian <jamesadrian1454@protonmail.com> 

A dream I had, a long time ago….

To: Mouchette <mouchette@mouchette.org> 

Reply-To: Adrian <jamesadrian1454@protonmail.com>


Dear Mouchette,
I was sitting on my couch when I got the idea to go into the closet of my bedroom. I looked around for a bit until I found a small radio. I turned it on and that radio played 60s music, mostly Elvis. I was delighted as I turned the channels from 16 to 17 and 18. When I got to 19 however the music stopped.
The strangest, alien voice croaked out of the speaker. I will never forget that voice, because alien does not quite describe it. Alien implies this thing is alive and comparable to the way that life is defined on earth. This voice was beyond death, beyond all suffering, and beyond the universe. It was not alive.
The voice said:
“It doesn’t make you alien if you don’t want to go to heaven.”
Lots of love,

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