On Digital Representation of Feminity- by MAWU-LIZA, Mouchette is on top of the list of role models!

Digital media accomplished gender confusion in a way never achieved before, leading this to a whole new body of freely distributed multimedia emancipated from their authors. Being the producer absent, the image upgrades as an individual and becomes gendered, responding only to the intentionality of its production without being stigmatized by the sex of the creator.
But, being many images intentionally feminine and being all so different from each other; what is supposed to represent femininity? violent thinspiration, queer extravaganza, etsy crafts, wiccan youtube, hentai idealization, beauty forums, make-up tutorials, long hair fet, cooking blogspots, stephanie 4, Tantric Visions of the Divine Feminine, CumFiesta – Melissa (Super Petite) (wmv). Movie clips; Files: 1; Size: 50.93 MiB (53398860 Bytes), Download Skinny Bitch Books (gnv64), Another great inspiration look!   Love your hair, I can’t wait for my own to get that long!!!! ;), all the challenges that each time brings for me and my family during my pregnancy, shes only hot when shes wearing make up and everything… Disdain, adoration and equality: MAWU-LISA is an exhibition based on the variety and divergent points of view existing on the web and digital art about this matter, opening a discussion on what is meant to represent femininity and why do we perceive so that way.

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