1000$ PAGE CONTEST 2005

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1000$ PAGE CONTEST 2005 organized by Olia Lialina, to preserve self-made webpages.

Mouchette contributed 5 American dollars on January 21st in Amsterdam, but refused any photo documentation.

We look forward to finding some very special personal web sites and some very ordinary ones. It could be a page made in 1993 or 2005. Text only or flash. Registered domain or subdirectory on a free web hosting service. We would like to see and show what’s going on, what’s cool, what’s common, what’s forgotten and recovered. The idea is to reward the greatest and exhibit the most interesting works and to attract attention to the private, non-professional web.

We can read Russian, English, German, Dutch, French. We may ask for your comments in one of these languages if your page is made in any other language.

If you are a celebrity (like a rock, pop or movie star, an NHL player, a CNN moderator) or just a rich and prominent person – you can still participate in the contest but only if you’ve made your home site yourself.

Please make a link to this contest and announce it on mailing lists, interested web logs, online and offline mass media.

If you participated last year but have not won anything you are welcome to try again.

Lektrogirl / Emma Davidson (.com)

Tasmanian new media puppet, DJ, musician, promoter and internet celebrity. Wife and business woman. Made a fast career from last year contest participant and winner of 300$ to jury member.

Olia Lialina (.org/ .ru /.de)
She is an animated GIF model, professor and wife of a rock star. Art.teleportacia owner. In the last century her will-n-testament personal home page was nominated for a Webby award.

Kerstin von Locquenghien (.de)
Her split personality can be viewed at bewegungsfrei.de. She’s also the author of NACHreisen.de – an experimental travelogue site.

Mouchette (.fr/.nl/.net/.org)
A virtual character since the origins of the net, with a tendency to share her personality.

Vika (.ru/.fm)
She does not have her own home page, but since 1999 she observes the web on radio and paper.

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