5-I shouldn’t have visited this site

I shouldn’t have visited this site…
      By Chocolate Lover

Description: two friends are visiting this website together and having great fun. One is translating the text to the other, they also mention common friends, they laugh and gossip. They are meeting online and certainly have a habit of visiting websites together while commenting them  and recording the screen capture. Apparently this one is a great succes, they are having great fun, mocking the french and some of the people they know. Images or sounds foreign to Mouchette appear sometimes popping up (like the shoes) or as a background image. Did they edit the video of the browsing or????

Зря я полез на этот сайт
I shouldn’t have visited this site
By Chocolate Lover

It could be interesting to have a translation and subtitles. There must be a way to distinguish the two different voices…


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