_hÿperlocal is a series of offline exhibitions organized by BrowserBased. We modified the ubiquitous WiFi router by adding storage space and open source software from http://piratebox.cc/, https://github.com/MaStr/OFFLINEARTto arrive at an offline wireless local area network platform for browser based and net art. _hÿperlocal is hardly taking any volumetric space, the low level “demand” the set up imposes allows it to travel well and be “welcome” on locations from the Gerrit Rietveld Acadamie to Arthur Russel Wallace Lectures #2 & to Techno Activists 3rd Monday in Amsterdam to Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam & povvera in Berlin. A logical next step will be using batteries as power source and the anchor will become the artist’s body “independent” of geographical location.

Participating artists: Jennifer Chan, Cincinmen, CYM, Marta Colpani, Eugen Georg, Vera Hoveling, Jan Robert Leegte, Florian Kuhlmann, Chantal Maschke, Nancy Mauro Flude, Zsolt Mesterhazy, Radovan Misovic,Mouchette, Jasper Otto, Karina Palosi, Xu Pankratova, Dominik Podsiadly,Tobias Rothe, Arjan Scherpenisse, Maaike Stutterheim, Martien Suikerbuijk, Undisclosed, Marieke Verkoelen, Eelco Wagenaar, Joonas Westerlund,Katharina Wienen, Joubin Zargarbashi.

Invited by: Evelyn Austin @ ARWL, Douwe Schmidt @ TA3M, Amsterdam, Klaas Kuitenbrouwer @ DEAF 2014, Rotterdam, Tibor Horvath& Sari Stenczer @ povvera, Berlin.

Project: BrowserBased.
Initiated & organized by: Radovan Misovic, Zsolt Mesterhazy @ Amsterdam. Graphics: Karina Palosi.

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