A Game by Pedro Moreira

A student from Brazil, Pedro R. Moreira made a game inspired by Mouchette, and I’m trying to see it to see if I can play it.
He contacted me on Facebook.

Here is the conversation. Copied from Facebook Messenger.


Pedro Moreria
Studies at Federal University of Minas Gerais
Lives in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
 SUN 10 April 2016    8:44PM

Dear Mrs. Neddam, My name is Pedro Moreira and I am an webart undergraduate at the Federal University of my state in Brazil. I have recently began an academic research on your work and created a game(ish) on it, as a piece of interactive web art. I am taking the freedom to send attached the material in case you would like to see. It would be a great honor to be able to show you some of my studies. Thank you for being an inspiration. Best wishes.


(as it was made for work this version is mostly in Portuguese, im sorry about that)

Martine: Thanks Pedro. I shall look at it with interest.
I save material about Mouchette in many languages, even some I do not understand myself, in this blog https://about.mouchette.org/ So don’t hesitate to send me your papers, I have categories per language, and I have one for Portuguese. *bisou* M*
Dear Pedro, I am on a mac and I couldn’t open your file… 🙁
Is there a way I could still look at it? If not, you could send me some screenshots. Best, M*


MON 11:53PM
Pedro: Good Evening, Mrs. Neddam, I successfully converted the .exe file to a .dmg file, but am not able to send the ready-to-run file as online sharing just isn’t sharing it properly. Since I do not think that the screenshots would be sufficient to catch the idea, as sounds are important to the concept, I would suggest you download the converter and try it on your own (I’d send you the program link and it’s really quite simple), if wished, I could mail you a flashdrive with the proper files. On your preference. Best wishes ::))


Martine: You could send it through wetransfer.com

instead of screenshots I recorded one of the paths (unfortunately there’s no audio though). Hope you enjoy it.
I tried to send you the file that wetransfer would allow, but I’m not 100% sure it’ll work. I really hope so though. Please let me know. Have a great day Ms. Neddam
Sadly i dont really think it’ll work. I’ll try and remake the “game” straight from a Mac once I have fewer classes. I’ll have make due with some screenshots that I’ll send to you soon. The program I told you about is called WineBottler, if you happen to have time to try it. Again I hope you have a great day and it was an honor chatting with you. Best wishes.
Martine: Hi Pedro, I actually managed to open the app called “wine”, did a click or two and it got blocked. So I suppose it’s misfunctioning.
I would be happy to receive a version saved with an apple computer if you can manage that.
I couldn’t view your youtube video because it is private. So I think you need to change the settings. Best, M*

I corrected the settings, it’s unlisted now so that you can watch it. I will create another file soon (too many classes right now) and I’ll also change the text to english and try to add gifs (which the original program wouldn’t allow me to) and I’ll send you a download link when it’s done.

Thank you fo reading all these messages. I hope you’re well.
Have a great day!
This below is Pedro’s tumblr

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