aalliissoonn: Mouchette www.mouchette.org
As you may see, the above picture is the front page of this controversial web site- mouchette.org. In the upper right there is a sad looking girl with a brief description claiming that she is an 13-year-old artist came from Amsterdam. In the lowest part of this page, there is a bar ‘browse me’ where visitors can link to more other pages for example ‘cat’ and ‘ 7songs’.

When I first clicked to this web I am definitely attracted by a beautiful white flower placed in the centre with ants and flies on it. Apart from that,   the design of the front page is a bit out-of -date, especially the text front. When comes to the page named ‘dead fly’,  it makes me feel uncomfortable and where the picture is so raw with seemingly dirty thing. Like I mentioned above, there are several pages you can visit through clicking the bottom ‘browse me’ where they contain different theme and mood. All in all, I don’t feel good when relating this web to a thirteen-year-old girl since some pictures and sounds may lure you to think of sexual elements ( a tongue licking the screen contains lewd implication).

This work is so controversial because the public is doubtful about the maker of this web site, is it really made by a 13 years old girl who suppose to have a positive thought rather than eroded by negative suggestion like sex and suicide stuff. Moreover, people cannot figure out the intention of building up relationship between viewer since “Mouhchette” usually ask for our contact such as e-mail.

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