Abuse your identity

Mediamatic.net – Swap, Use & Abuse your identity.
I remember how uncomfortable it was to talk about this multiple identity artistic situation of mine, when I didn’t know how confidential it had to be, and who I could let on the secret…

Mouchette, the online virtual character has an unusual status of existence. She is the author and the creation at the same time, and yet through her remote internet life she remains invisible, anonymous, genderless, untouchable, neither alive or dead. The participants of her interactive website confide in her in the most intimate way, because she is an imaginary being, living in their own head.

Her personality embraces all of her participants’ minds and together they form a collective consciousness pondering over questions of life and death in the digital era. With the reactions of the participants to her website she has composed animation films displaying many of the texts she received, spoken out through speech bubbles by pixelated characters who tell their most private thoughts.

check out mouchette.org for more information.

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