Agnes Varda’s clouds


Today is the birthday of Agnès Varda, my favourite film maker. She has decorated the wall of her back yard with a painted cloud.

Here is what she says about her films: “I try to find fluidity in whatever I speak about or show. It should be like I’m taking your hand, taking you through the film. I’m not really telling a story, I’m telling you what cinema is in my life.”

One of the most inspiring person/artist I know, who ages most gracefully. I wish to be like her at her age. I love her hairstyle. She takes advantage of her gray hair in a very humourous and stylish way: she has left a cloud of gray hair on top of her head…

I also wish to resemble her for the gracefulness and fluidity of her art, and to be able to talk about myself with as much simplicity and little vanity as her.

I love you Agnès, may you live 100  years!

Agnès Varda
Born May 30, 1928

Mouchette’s Shared Identity, “I try to find fluidity in whatever I speak about….

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