AKAirways: Inside Mouchette


AKAirways: Inflatable Art and Architecture
AKAirways: Inflatable Art and Architecture
Event: Mouchette Come-Out (Press Release)
Venue: Postmaster Gallery
Address: 459 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011
Date*: 2003 04 20
Description: Three-layer clear inflatable structure (option 2) set in the second room of the space. Mouchette, inside the third bubble, slowly appears to the visitors as they get closer to the core through the different layers of the structure. Visitors exit through a white tunnel built inside the office of the gallery.
Surface (square feet): 1500 Overall dimensions (feet): 25 x 60
Material: 4 mil clear plastic
Assembly: 4 hours, 2 persons
Installation: 3 hours, 3 persons

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