Reddit, what are some of the creepiest, unexplainable, and darkest places of the internet that you know of? : AskReddit


(More than 1000 clicks per day from askreddit on 13 october 2014 and more to come.. What’s going on?)

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I’m really late to this, but here is a master list: – starting off with a classic. text and media are, seemingly, generated at random. each time you refresh the page. a very chaotic website that gives you a lot to look at.

superbad – and super clickable

hippo hippo – hippo

mouchette – a haunting french website.

flash-movies – surreal, interactive art by larry carlson

afterlife telegrams – if you ever want to send a letter to a deceased love one, this is your go-to.

lingscars – ling’s cars, apparently

99rooms – make your way through 99 rooms via point-n-click mechanics – gaudy czech site

anasomnia – the magic begins when you turn the lights off

magibon – tries a little too hard to be scary but it’s still fairly disturbing.

sentimentalcorp – a website packed with auditory and visual oddities. – a site that dubs over various clips with “unfitting” audio. the one with baby kermit is fucking hilarious

subculture – links upon links upon links plus pop-ups

heavensgate – website belonging to a notorious cult of the same name

Are You Living In a Computer Simulation? – well, are you?

landoverbaptist / just4kidsmagazine – two incredibly resonating pages that will surely deter you from succumbing to satan’s foul temptations. complete with tacky clipart!

staggeringbeauty – shake vigorously

dear lorne, – in which DW Lewis pours his heart out to Lorne Michaels, founder of SNL

whatever this is – i dont know

Moat of these have sound/music that enhances the experience, so I recommend not having it muted… unless you’re too scared.

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EDIT: People have suggested that I warn you all that some of these sites might have content that could trigger epileptic seizures, namely staggeringbeauty.

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If you’re epileptic don’t even think about going to staggeringbeauty. You will have a seizure.

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