Beautiful Decay

Mouchette: a website created by a pseudonymous author carrying the identity of Mouchette, is an artist, claims to be “nearly thirteen” and living in Holland, but the persona of this person, both real and virtual I cant explain, but is amazing.

From what I gather, Mouchette is not an actual person. She exists only in a computer. Mouchette (Little Fly in French) is an Identity of somewhat homage to a 1937 Georges Bernanos novel, later made into a feature film. The story of a French adolescent who commits suicide, upon investigating this piece more thoroughly, the Mouchette of the web as well seems enveloped in the essence of death as well as the fly. In fact, at times Mouchette even suggests that she is the fly.

Not to taint what an awesome and mysterious entity this is, but remember that LonelyGirl15 stunt a few years ago? Apparently not as original as we figured. Mouchette was created in 1996.

Apparently this is a pretty big deal. In addition to the labyrinth of, there is also an aditional site, dedicated to those who are upset by the existence of this website. This thing was the subject matter of exhibitions at MoCA Gemany and the Pompidou, covered in Art Forum among other things.

Im going to include the wikipedia page for Mouchette. Its actually pretty well written and has alot more interesting stuff in it than I care to re-write in this blog. If this is all old news to you, then you understand why Im so excited to discover it. If you haven’t seen this, then you should take a look.

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