biennale Montreal 1998

I live behind the screen of my computer, which reflects my face, and it is this same face that I represent when I create my website. It is said that I’m an imaginary character, and even so I, myself have never been seen.
I am similar to the Mouchette from Bresson’s film on the point that I no longer know which of the two of us will committ suicide before the age of 13.
I manipulate (with my hands) digital images (with my fingers). I write MY NAME on found images on the web, which is the mirror of my person. Each of the images on which “Mouchette” is inscribed becomes my selfportrait.
I also manipulate text with my computer, I compose and recompose poems. I don’t understand them myself. They are poems that don’t make sense until we read them, especially in a loud voice.

So try a little:


Now is the watly freetly, an in the gearly gows
Af sifty rarkled frumptily and bickled fore the troes!
Oh roopily and fortily lee farly in a bail
And pren the wilkly in the den wither the farly dail.



resume of the artist

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