Blurred Mouchette at Rhizome

What Rhizome needs to promote a campaign on digital art history is a blurred photo of Mouchette or two…  Don’t talk about archives, obsolescence, net-art and outdated browsers. With Mouchette everyone gets sentimental and opens their wallet.


Digital art is disappearing daily, taken offline due to obsolescence, censorship, and lack of institutional support. Rhizome has done groundbreaking work on these problems, developing and offering tools, approaches, and infrastructure that support ongoing access to legacy digital art.

In 2024, this work will be the foundation for a major public program: Artbase Anthologies, a series of presentations of digital artworks that offer transformative experiences and an equitable historical accounting of the field. Developed through partnerships and collaborations, the series will feature curated presentations of born-digital works from the 1980s to today; prospective projects include an online exhibition of works made with P5.JS (in partnership with Processing Foundation), a survey of selected works by Auriea Harvey (in partnership with Museum of the Moving Image), and CyberPowWow, a Nation to Nation project led by Skawennati.

In order to make this happen, we need your support! Remember, donations are 100% tax-deductible, and will be matched up to $25,000. Please give today!

🔵 $40 supports one month of access to an online emulation environment

🔵 $360 supports the cost of one artist fee for participation in a group exhibition for ArtBase Anthologies

🔵 $500 supports server and labor costs for archiving one media-rich website

🔵 $2,000 supports the cost of an event celebrating the launch of a chapter of ArtBase Anthologies

🔵 $10,000 supports a pro bono digital art conservation project for an outside organization in need of support

🔵 $25,000 supports a full chapter of ArtBase Anthologies 😭😭

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