Bottom Shelf

In a bottom shelf in an archive cupboard I found a lot of print material which I thought were lost. Catalogs and print works which were done prior to 2000, still remembered in the old Mouchette CV.


Karin De Wild had  also asked me for MOO material


Hi Karin,
I have found this folder on a CD storing material from 1995/1996
It contains the MOO material I was keeping.
The SimpleText material are mostly instructions from MOOS that I had copied to read them quietly offline, in order to learn the coding of the MOOs.
In the folder “MOO Logs”, you will find copied conversations that I had in MOOs.
I had difficulty in opening these files, they look for some Adobe application, but none of it will work on my computer.
I tried opening them from within a text program (Open Office), and then, in spite of some odd characters at the beginning and at the end of the document, (lots of ############), the rest is really correct and readable and pretty much the same as a conversation in the MOO.
Well, that’s it!
I hope you find that useful, or interesting.
I had fun finding the existence of this material again.
So I thank you!



Here all the MOO material can be downloaded as a zip file:   MOO




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