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Final statements of death row inmates in Texas before they were executed.

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“I really don’t have much to say. All I want to say is that when the state introduced my sister and my niece as state witnesses, it’s not that they testified against me. The thing is, my lawyers would not subpoena anyone, so they allowed the state to subpoena them to paint a picture to the jury that my own sister and niece was testifying against me.

Linda is innocent of this. I am innocent of this. Now all you all are seeing in the process a perfect example of ol’ freaky deaky Bill Clinton when he signed that anti-terrorism law to shorten the appeals. This is a conspiracy. They used false testimony of a woman that said I had raped her, when the test showed that the foreign pubic hair that was found on her body belonged to no one in that room. They found a drop of sposmosa in the crotch of her pants that was tied to blood type B. My blood type is A. Now the same woman there they brought to testify against this murder case. That woman was under indictment for possession of methamphetamine, delivery of methamphetamine. She could have gotten out of both of those cases. Yet, she swore under oath that she had never been in trouble with the law and none of that mattered. So what does that make this great state? A very high-priced prostitute that sells itself, called justice, to the highest bidder.

I am being charged under article 19.83 of the Texas Penal Code of murder with the promise of remuneration. That means they got to have three people, the one that paid, the one that killed, and the deceased. And the alleged remunerator is out on the streets, so how come I’m being executed today, without a remunerator? This is a great American justice. So if you don’t think they won’t, believe me they will. Ain’t no telling who gonna be next. That’s all I have to say. Especially for the people of the deceased, Sims is innocent and so am I. So the murder is still not there. Today you are a witness, the state (cough). Bye.”

Holy shit. I thought it would be okay reading these because ‘they’re guilty’ but this one is horrifyingly sad.

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Considering the crime went unsolved for over 2 years until he walked into a police station, confessed to it, and then led police to the murder weapon I’m not sure i would get sad about this guy.

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Ive always thought these were quite interesting honestly. Thanks for posting.

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The legend of Chris-Chan. People have been stalking and tormenting an autistic, racist, borderline retarded manchild for years, and documenting every moment of his life. This is the rabbit hole.

Here is the FAQ

Thanks /u/leaf-house

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I’m so confused

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This is just really disheartening in so many ways.

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Over 1400 articles? Jesus Christ, the creators of this wiki have really got way too much goddamn time on their hands. I have no desire to continue down this rabbit hole.

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I’ll get to the end for you. His dad is dead and his house burned down. He now lives in motel and grew his hair long. All the articles are just people pretending to be women and making him get naked on video and have sex with his game systems and stuff. The people that did this to him were just as messed up as he is. It’s just that he isn’t a teenage girl so he doesn’t get the same news time. He has had more stalkers than anybody.

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Wow, that got really dark… really really dark.

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Wait… The house burned down? I haven’t been there in quite a while. Last venture there was immediately after the court date for Chris and his mom when he broke the restraining order of the Game Stop manager.

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Yeah. Electric fire in the bathroom I think.

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I’m not sure who made this but I’m pretty confident that they’re insane.

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This is amazing. Im listening to Aphex Twin right now and it totally is perfect for this site haha.

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From what I can decipher, it’s written by somebody who thinks they discovered some sort of secret alphabet. He quotes tons of religious texts and even has his own art (I assume, anyway) on there. I doubt there is any meaning to it. I honestly think he is just insane.

Here’s another weird site for ya!


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Jodi is amazing! If you Ctrl+U the HTML is a diagram of a Nuclear Bomb.

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You have just been assigned your own personal NSA representative!

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Oh. Well that’s not weird at all.


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Man, I really should’ve taken you more seriously

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I’m very stoned and I want to click it so fucking badly help

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David Denison made it. It’s genius. Even the HTML code adds up to some Biblical code. This is a picture of him.

It’s either word-salad from a broken mind or a great mind hinting at the ineffable…

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I clicked the image and it was pretty blurry, I figured meh just a low res image. I looked away for a second, and when I looked back it was in high res and we were making full 1080p eye contact for a full 3 seconds before I realized what had happened. (the picture had finished loading)

After looking through that creepy ass website and then having that happen with the site’s creator…scariest shit that’s happened to me all day.

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last words a website that has transcripts and voice recordings of planes as they are crashing.

EDIT: To play the audio files click the links on the far left of the table that say ATC

It has 9/11 Flight 93 transcript also.

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“Damn it, we’re going to crash… This can’t be happening!” 🙁

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“That’s it, I’m dead”

This stands out as a scary one for me because of how calm the pilot is and that he simply accepted his fate.”

might not be the quote exactly, but I remember reading it a few months back

edit: link to the transcripts for those who are curious

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“Ma I love you” ;((((

And another one with “Amy I love you.” This really made me sad considering in most of the crashes, there were no survivors.

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I believe the co pilot who spoke those words “Amy I love you” did survive, but was terribly disfigured. The captain did not live. The flight attendant was honored for her brave actions during the crash. It’s amazing the pilots landed the plane at all, considering it was a prop plane that went down in a forested area. They had very little time to prepare before crashing. Most of the people survived actually.

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Well they had plenty of time. It was a turboprop, so effectively yes, it was a prop plane. Usually when a propeller engine fails, the propeller will turn itself so that instead of pushing air, it is parallel to the air (we call it feathered). If a prop doesn’t feather, it will cause way too much drag, and most planes cannot climb with an unfeathered prop.

So in the case of ASA529, the engine essentially exploded on the wing and jammed itself in an open, mangled position. The pilots were too busy trying to fly a crippled plane to turn around and look at the engine, and couldn’t figure out why she was behaving so strangely. Finally, as they lost so much altitude, they realized something was up, and realized they were gonna have to put it down somewhere close, their only option was a field. So they put it down in a field.


A band called Cloudkicker made an entire album based off that particular transmission. Here’s the song based off that “Amy I love you.” line: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWwazEDPvJg

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Actually, Cloudkicker is just one guy! He does everything. Beautiful album. All his stuff is free here:http://cloudkickermusic.com/

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sad wink with triple chin?

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I thought that was a skydiver who ended up surviving the freefall anyway.

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I heard it on a video of a guy flying a small plane but he survives.

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Ugh, Alaska Airlines Flight 261.

A grad student from my university was on that flight. He, his parents, and brother (along with 5 friends) were flying back from Mexico after celebrating the completion of his masters and his dad’s birthday. Since all his immediate family was dead, at graduation his cousin picked up his degree posthumously. Grim.

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Jesus Christ that’s so sad. All that hard work… Holy shit.

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The 1 Canadian airline on there. “05 Jul 1970 Air Canada 621 Pete, sorry.”

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This one is crazy. Pilots just completely fuck it up from beginning to end, the transcript is accompanied by Popular Mechanics’ commentary line by line after reviewing the flight data.

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Damn Bonin wouldn’t let go of the stick!

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I nearly raged when I read “But I’ve had the stick back the whole time!”

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It’s crazy because you read a recording between two people and you’re like “shit that sucks for that guy” then you look at the top and it says something like “all 312 aboard were killed” and your just…..idunno that sinking feeling just hits you.

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Totally. I also think its crazy how calm they are the entire time. “Well, shits going down, theres really no point in panicking.”

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Take this with a grain of salt, but I’ve read claims that pilots tend to remain oddly calm even when their plane is crashing, because panicking does anything but improve the chances of survival.

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Pilot here who has survived a crash while PIC (pilot in command). Even said the line calmly “we’re going to crash.” Just as calmly as I would answer a phone. It just never entered my mind to come unglued. I’m also a gamer and get way more upset crashing a virtual plane. After the training things become more matter of fact in the cockpit. I’m sure this comes across as a humble-brag but it was hell even while I was calm. It didn’t make sense.

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”Ma I love you.” omg

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That cannibalistic forum about eating people and being eaten by people. Some members even chat and arrange meetups there to eat each other like, “I need someone to eat my fresh meat. I am juicy and tender.” And all that crazy shit.

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“Buy now for a 20% discount!”

“Free range!”


I’ll stop.

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Wouldn’t it be a meatup?

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Website with a list of serial killers listed by number of victims run by The International Committee of Competitive Spree Killing. It even has information describing what criteria has to be met to make the list.

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“Competitive Spree Killing”, the sport I never knew I never wanted to be part of.

[–]Ace4077 846 points 

the sport I never knew I never wanted to be part of.

Part of in which way?

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[–]NSA-RAPID-RESPONSE 988 points 

Well now I’m on my own goddamn list. Fuck.

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Read the about section. They say it’s satire and they don’t condone violence of any sort.

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Just like head shops sell tobacco instruments

[–]jnrdingo 58 points 

I get my instruments from head shops only, I like the sense of people watching me with their fake eyes and polystyrene heads

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Satire of what, exactly? All the encouragement people give serial killers?

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I’m really late to this, but here is a master list:

www.yyyyyyy.info – starting off with a classic. text and media are, seemingly, generated at random. each time you refresh the page. a very chaotic website that gives you a lot to look at.

superbad – and super clickable

hippo hippo – hippo

mouchette – a haunting french website.

flash-movies – surreal, interactive art by larry carlson

afterlife telegrams – if you ever want to send a letter to a deceased love one, this is your go-to.

lingscars – ling’s cars, apparently

99rooms – make your way through 99 rooms via point-n-click mechanics

hrubasy.cz – gaudy czech site

anasomnia – the magic begins when you turn the lights off

magibon – tries a little too hard to be scary but it’s still fairly disturbing.

sentimentalcorp – a website packed with auditory and visual oddities.

neave.tv – a site that dubs over various clips with “unfitting” audio. the one with baby kermit is fucking hilarious

subculture – links upon links upon links plus pop-ups

heavensgate – website belonging to a notorious cult of the same name

Are You Living In a Computer Simulation? – well, are you?

landoverbaptist / just4kidsmagazine – two incredibly resonating pages that will surely deter you from succumbing to satan’s foul temptations. complete with tacky clipart!

staggeringbeauty – shake vigorously

dear lorne, – in which DW Lewis pours his heart out to Lorne Michaels, founder of SNL

whatever this is – i dont know

Moat of these have sound/music that enhances the experience, so I recommend not having it muted… unless you’re too scared.

List source

EDIT: People have suggested that I warn you all that some of these sites might have content that could trigger epileptic seizures, namely staggeringbeauty.

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