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:::c a s T i N g:::mouchette.
Archive 2005

1. Why have you chosen to participate in this competition?
You asked me.

2. To whom is art useful?
To you.

3. What is freedom of expression?
a) when the world truly rotates around me regardless of how I express myself.

4. How would you interpret Joseph Beuys‚ statement: “Everybody is an artist”?
He was only thinking about people older than 13 years old.

5. What was the last opening of a cultural event that you went to? What did you think of it?
Cultural events come to me by email, I don’t need to go to them. I always wonder whether it’s spam or art, or maybe there’s no difference.

6. What‚s the hottest gossip in the art world that you know of?
Who is doing Mouchette, and whether it’s a man or a woman.

7. What determines the behaviour of an artist who is inclined for success?

8. Who supports the artist?
You will support me.

9. Who sponsored your last project (specify the procedure)?
An anonymous visitor. PayPal.

10. What kind of sacrifices have you made and would be willing to do in order to achieve your objectives?
Answering a questionnaire like this one.

11. Your specifications: height-weight / colour of hair-eyes / breast-waist-hips.
In pixels?

12. What is your Œsound theme‚? Tell us what kind of music you like.
The music I made

13. What are your perversions?
I don’t have perversions, I AM a perversion.

14. Have you ever been to a psychologist?
I fear their questions are as bad as yours, so I’ll never go.

15. Are you interested in politics? Why?
Yes. Why not.

16. A slogan that represents you (it will be published on the poster).
“Rape, Murder and Suicide are easier when you use a keyboard”.

17. What question would you like to be asked?
None of the above!


Mouchette is a very young artist (not yet 13) who created her own website in October 1996.
Since then, her site has become very well known, as a young girl’s website and/or as an artwork, and generates between a hundred and a thousand visits daily.
Over the last few years, Mouchette has participated in numerous prestigious festivals and exhibitions worldwide, including Trust Me at the New Museum, New York, USA; Animations at PS1, New York, USA; Femmes d’images néerlandaises, Maison Européenne de la Photo in Paris, France; and Dead or Alive, Break Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
In 2001, Mouchette was the recipient of the CYNETart Award 2001 at the CYNETart Festival in Dresden, Germany.
In 2002, Mouchette encountered a fair amount of controversy, when the French Society of Authors’ Rights (SACD), following a request from Robert Bresson’s widow, forbade Mouchette to continue to present her work related to the film “Mouchette”, created by Robert Bresson in 1967.
The forbidden work is a quiz comparing both characters, the girl from the film and the girl from the website.
In the end, Mouchette did remove the work from her web site, replacing it with the letter from the SACD.
But in protest, dozens of websites downloaded and presented copies of the quiz.
And in 2003, during a residency at Franklin Furnace Archive Inc. in New York, Mouchette created and launched an online identity-sharing interface through which visitors can essentially become Mouchette.
The project was launched at a special event at Postmasters Gallery in New York called Will you take over my website?

August – Neztkunst in Kuntznetz, Virtuelle Galerie (http://kunstnetznrw.de/galerie)
March – SZYGY (the Human Remix) AIM Festival Los Angeles, USA
Jan/May – P2P[iece]Project, Postartum, Long Beach, California
Jan – From text to Hypertext, Medi@terra festival 6, Athens, Greece
December – Online Identities as learning tools, lecture at the Department of New Media, University of Shanghai, China
November – Tage der Kunstvermittlung, website presentation in Schöppingen, Germany
October – Identity-Sharing Interface, Workshop and conference in Zagreb, Croatia
April – Will you take over my website? Event at Postmasters Gallery, New York, with the collaboration of AKairways and agent.netart
Residency at Franklin Furnace, New York “The Future of the Present 2003”
December – Constant VZW, Digitales, Brussels, Belgium, website presentation
November – Femmes d’images néerlandaises, website presentation, Maison Européenne de la Photo, Paris France
– Copyright qui copiera bien le dernier, website presentation and workshops, La Compagnie, Marseille, France,
October – SOLD exhibition and sale at Christie’s organised by Jim Beard Gallery, Amsterdam, NL
September – Look Alike. Barbie, Lolita, Lara Croft, Nederlands Foto Instituut, Rotterdam, NL
August – Dialogue online exhibition by computerfinearts.com
– FILE, International Festival of Electronic Language, São Paulo, Brazil
June – Dead or Alive, Break Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia
February – Splash page for Year01, Toronto, Canada
Featured at DIAN-network, Germany
December – My_Last_Birthday_Party, net.art event in De Balie, Amsterdam, created and curated by Mouchette
October – Animations, in PS1, New York, USA
– Impakt Festival, Utrecht, NL, Panorama CDrom and Websites
September – OIKIA, design of a shopping bag for Almere, NL
– ILOVEMOUCHETTE by Anonymous, Pixel Plunder, YearO1, Toronto, Canada
August – Hello Cursor, curated by Kipark, Seoul, Korea
June – Ihatemouchette.org in collaboration with Suture.net
April – Faces of Laughter, female strategies in art, website presentation, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
– Talking Pixels, Taos Festival, New Mexico, USA
February – Maid in Cyberspace Festival, Montreal, Canada
December – Trust me, New Museum, New York, USA
– Interférences, new media festival CICV Belfort, France
October – Festival Nouveau Cinéma Nouveaux Médias, Montreal, Canada
– Inside Out, Impakt Festival, Utrecht, NL
April – Net Affects, De Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam, NL
March – Nuevapropiedadcultural.html, Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil, Mexico
January – Digipersona’s, Avonduren, SUBK Utrecht NL
December – Splash page for Rhizome
October – Member of the artists’ collective Hell.com until July 2000
June – Tijdbestek, CBK Nijmegen, NL
January – Question project, Candy Factory, Tokyo, Japan
September – Digital Flesh&Blood, Virtual Kunstruimte Kampen, NL
– Biennale de Montreal, Canada
February – Exhibition at the Candy Factory, Tokyo, Japan
December – A suicide kit for Christmas, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, NL
September – Triple X festival, Amsterdam, NL
February – Audio-CD of Mouchette‚s texts, produced by CBK Rotterdam, NL
October – Creation of the web site Mouchette

Dec. 2002 – Awarded a Projectsubsidie (project grant) from the Dutch Fonds BKVB
Sept. 2002 – Awarded a Basisstipendium (subsistence grant) from the Dutch Fonds BKVB
June 2002 – Awarded a Future of the Present residency by Franklin Furnace Archive Inc. (New York, NY, USA) for 2003
Jan. 2002 – finalist in the NewMedia award competition FilmwinterFestival, Stuttgart, Germany
Nov. 2001 – CYNETart award 2001 for Lullaby for a Dead Fly, CYNETart in Dresden, Germany
Sept. 2001 – New Media Award: Grand Prix of the Festival of Film and New Media, Split, Croatia
Dec. 2000 – Awarded a Werkbeurs (high level grant) from the Dutch Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst
May. 2000 – Nominated for the SFMoMa webby prize, San Francisco, USA
Feb. 2000 – Net-art 99, second place with Flesh&Blood

Dec. 2003 – Squint acquired in the collection of Conseil Général du Territoire de Belfort, FR
Jan. 2002 – m.org.ue acquired in the collection of Computer Fine Arts, New York, USA

February – Interview with Mouchette, By Manthos Santorianios in VirtualCentre-Media.Net
August – Über die Fliege, den Computer und die Identität in Zeiten des Internets by Matthias Weiss, Shöppinger Forum der Kunstvermittlung, N.3 page 90/105
September – In search of Mouchette by Young-Hae Chang HEAVY INDUSTRIES, in New Langton Arts, San Francisco California
April – Cercasi nuova Mouchette, Random Exibart, Italy
– Net Art News Rhizome
February – Que la véritable Mouchette s’élève! by Pierre Robert in Archée
December – A Critical Analysis of Mouchette.org posted in a newsgroup
– Je vis derrière l’écran de mon ordinateur, Digitales, cyberfeminist conference, Brussels, Belgium
November – L’affaire Bresson contre Mouchette, Le Monde, (November 2002): France
– Mouchette démultipliée sur le Net, Libération, (November 2002): France
September – Fiktive samtalepartnere, in FORM, issue 36, Norway
– Josephine Bosma, “Netkunst”, LUCASX Kunst en vormgeving in de provincie Utrecht, #1 (2002): p. 28-39
April – Mouchette: fenomeen en fantoom, Lucia van der Drift, Kunstblad, NL
January – La communication imperceptible by Pierre Robert in Archée, Canada
– Les ficelles du dispostif artistique “Mouchette” by J.P. Fourmentraux in Archée
– Filmwinter: Webkunst in Stuttgarter-Zeitung.de, Stuttgart, Germany
November – Net artista a (quasi) tredici anni, Valentina Tanni, in Succoacido
October – La communication imperceptible par Pierre Robert in Veillée planétaire d’art en réseau
August – New Media, New Narrative text and interview by David Crawford
– CIAC Electronic Magazine, N 13
May – Immaterial Girl by Jane Harris in Artforum, New York, USA
April – “An exploration into art and hypermedia”, by K. Pettitt
February – “A closer look at the digital narrative”, Lamborn, colorado.edu2000
September – Mouchette: net artista a tredici anni? Random Exibart, Italy
– Specificities of Online Art, The case of Mouchette in Rhizome
August – Photo Net, by Ricky Cox in Photofile, Australia
June – Les specificités de l’art en ligne by Richard Barbeau in Archée
May – Mouchette by Annick Bureaud in ArtPress, France
January – Lo artistas hablan, El Pais Digital, Spain
April – State of the (On-line) Art, by Robert Atkins in Art in America, USA
May – The quiz about Mouchette in SKRIEN, NL
February – Publication of poems in the dutch litterature magazine: BZLLTIN, NL

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