The Tumblr blog of Chealseatara is an interactive website created in 1996 by a pseudonymous character, an Amsterdam-based artist who calls herself “Mouchette”.

The creator of the website has been a closely guarded secret  though the piece has recently been claimed by artist Martine Neddam. Martine Neddam has since created a page where she explains and occasionally shares secrets about the site (

While the use of taboo subject matters are what initially “provokes heated reactions”, the idea of a manipulated cyber identity represents a modern form of media: rather than paint or clay, the internet provides the medium and platform for artists to create and curate their identity, including the ability to create a a range of new, fictitious identity.

From New Media Art by Mark Tribe/Reena Jana

“Many pages feature interactive web forms, including multiple-choice questions that trigger delayed-reaction emails – days or weeks laterm visitors receive unexpected, often flirtatious  emails from Mouchette. There is also a listing of members of Mouchette’s international fan club, which includes art institutions around the world. Could a website this sophisicated really be the work of a 13-year old girl?”



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