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feministtheory   What are the best ways to protect your home from ghosts and shit? I mean I know like burning sage and stuff, but how do you know that if there is some malicious spirit around it’s not gonna piss it off?? My house is haunted and although the ghost or whatever is harmless (it’s pretty much hidden itself for years) I still get kinda freaked out by it. But I don’t want to try to get rid of it and end up fucking things up….I’m evidentially very superstitious about this stuff.
areusuretho January 29 2014, 13:23:01 UTC
imo you should just leave it be if it’s not hurting anyone
magyargirl3 January 29 2014, 18:18:48 UTC
Amen. I bless my house occasionally because we have asshole ghosts, but it’s mostly a protection thing for me and my sister.


Do you know anything about banishing? It’s a ritual used to banish unwanted spirits/demons/ghosts from a place. People who practice occultism usually do it before and after an invocation or evocation rite. It should be pretty safe to perform (even though I never needed to do that). You can find more information about banishing obviously here, plus there are a bunch of websites and even youtube that teach you how to do it :)Edit: linkEdit: Apparently someone gave me not very clear info about the use of banishing. While some agree that it helps to clear and purify spaces other say that its purpose is not to banish, you could still look into it but i can’t say that it will actually help!
Good luck!
missyxxmisch January 29 2014, 10:25:40 UTC
has anyone here ever gone on that mouchette suicide website when they were a teen? That used to creep me out. I think most people (like me) stumbled upon it when googling the best way to kill yourselfAnd the website is about that 13 year old girl who died and the web pages moan and have bugs and then they start sending you creepy emails after you post your story of why u are depressed and want to die.*oh I found the better link
mrspeacock12January 29 2014, 23:02:40 UTC
Whoa. No… Never heard of it.So not clicking it
areusurethoJanuary 29 2014, 13:24:55 UTC
I am so, so, excited for this movie. I hope it gets a U.S. release soon.
prophecyproJanuary 29 2014, 14:23:15 UTC
Looks interestng
bluesykokoJanuary 29 2014, 16:19:29 UTC
Horror movie? Check. Female Director? Check.
Needless to say i’m excited for this.

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