Dead or Alive Festival

 BREAK 21_DEAD OR ALIVE (this link to the festival is gone)
 But the program of the festival is remembered here)
6th International Festival of Emerging Artists 18th June-7th July 2002 /Ljubljana / Slovenia
INNERGIRL: “Suicide Journal” (original site has dissapeared)
Creator “Innergirl” becomes fascinated with his/her own damaged mental
process and charmed by the spell of self-deprecation. The painful
sensations are so simple, pure and sublime, they resemble beauty. S/he
expresses this through a web journal of text, visual art and music and
opens the avenue to others building a community site as an outlet for those
with similar passions and problems.JIMPUNK: “jimpunk visits mouchette at the”
What happens when Jimpunk meets Mouchette at the What if
Mouchette the web character who never ages is already completely frozen?
What happens if Jimpunk tickles her feet with some javascript? Experience
the meeting of two cyber anti-heroes interacting with each other by means
of their browsers.

Carrier investigates viral symbiosis in the biological and virtual domains
by weaving an intimate love story between the viewer and the hepatitis C
virus. The site integrates artificial and viral intelligence with immune
system and computer operating system discourse within the swarming
electronically networked nervous system of our planet – the world wide web,
immersing the viewer in vrml worlds, shockwave games and java generated
textual landscapes.

Mouchette is a very young artist (not yet 13) who created her own website
in October 1996. Since then, she has taken part in art manifestations,
exhibitions and events in the art world, and created a new part of her
website every time for the occasion.


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