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deino330im going to post some weird “art” websites i know of

  • (the classic, vaguely unnerving, no popups, perhaps mild epilepsy warning for some screens)
  • discovered this today, content seems to be more disturbing than superbad, epilepsy warning, perhaps screamer warning? fairly unnerving, i haven’t explored it a lot) every time you load it, seems to be one page, epilepsy warning for flashing gifs)
  • (very cool art website, no screamers or epilepsy warning, the creator’s a nice guy)
  • (website of the character shaye saint john, a celebrity who was in a massive accident. gigantic body horror warning, weird stuff galore, really confusing site layout. shaye (and her actor) died a few years ago 🙁 )
  • (seems to be videos dedicated in some way to magibon, the youtube celebrity. no fucking clue. gore, epilepsy, and insect warnings apply)
  • (???? rather lowkey content, perhaps religious in nature, fractals inside)
  • (popups, epilepsy warning, if i remember correctly there might be nsfw content, just weird as shit)
  • (odd videos, not safe for work, generally disturbing)
  • (odd content, hub of strange written pages, warning for animal death (photos of dead birds) on one page, epilepsy warning)
  • (???)
  • (similar to 973, semi-religious content and odd poetry!)
  • no longer on the internet, but worth a read: the children’s immortality project. gigantic chain network of really bizarre gibberish sites about achieving immortality in children, possibly a front for some darker stuff
  • piropito is a fantastic artist on youtube! she does videos about her ants now but she has some amazingly creepy stuff. (warnings for body horror and gore)

if you have any more feel free to tell me!!! 🙂

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