(7) Вызов Духов – Проклятый сайт – Никогда не выходи в интернет в 3 часа ночи Страхи Шоу #41

translation of title: Summoning the Spirits – Damn Site – Never Go Online at 3 AM Fears Show # 41
Found and archived by Nikos Voyiatzis

description-> The video of Страхи Шоу (Fears Show) contains a staged act and a presentation by two kids, visuals and sounds, voice narrations, screen recordings of mouchette.org and it also contains some special content that is presented as being a part of mouchette but it is not. The added part is disguised as belonging to the website of mouchette under this URL ‘http://mouchette.org/flesh/tong.html’ and it is seemingly found under the dropdown menu of mouchette’s index page as ‘FEARS SHOW’ but is completely created by the makers of this video.

Translation of the spoken texts,  by Artyom Kocharyan.

The name of the channel is Fears-Show.
The brothers introduce themselves and recap the previous shows which were about encountering the demon named Bill, while they were trying to save a girl named Lisa.

-Yes guys, we know how dangerous he is. But we can’t stop him because we can’t find him. We tried to call him…. but we won’t give up. Bill told us that he wants to find a body for himself and gather an army… we have a duty to stop him, to prevent him coming to this world and as we know the best defence is an attack. We will make actions that that he would. He needs soldiers and he will be looking them in ghosts and demons. We will be also looking for those ghosts to find out where Bill is hiding and what his plan is. And the most dangerous ghosts and demons, we will expel from this world. We still don’t understand how Bill gained control over the bot named Alice. But we are certain that Bill is connected to the Internet, and because of this, we decided to start from the ghosts living on the internet. And first on our list in the cursed website Mouchette.

As you have already guessed this is not really a ghost but it’s also not really a website. It’s a strange and scary thing that has been created 22 years ago. By whom and for what this computer-madness (digital-madness) has been created is until now is unknown. But if you try to enter there you will encounter eerie and incomprehensible images, accompanied by scary sounds. And what will come after, we don’t know exactly. There are many scary stories on the internet about this cursed website but we are interested ONLY in one legend which says that if you enter the website mouchette.org at 3 o’clock at night, it will, in a random manner, for a random visitor, it will generate a random set of information – namely images and sound. If you see this, then it means that the site has chosen you and it is ready to answer any of your questions. But if you get scared and switch off the site, it will erase you. How exactly it is done, we don’t know. We know that this is not the best way to get the information that we need but we are ready to take the risk. And tonight at 3 o’clock we will enter the cursed website.

So to enter the cursed website we need to do the usual. we need to open a browser. and we need to enter the name of the site… then enter…… this was unexpected (reacting to the sound of the website)

Ok, as legends tell us the site initially has been dedicated to a killed girl, here is a photo of her, and here is written that her name is Mouchette, she is 13 and that she lives in Amsterdam. Let’s get a closer look. What will happen if we click on the site? Oh, there are some words appearing. and this is her Mouchette. and there are also some running lines (referring to up left corner text). Ok, let’s look further. there is some fly seating here. Why is it here? ….what a crazy laugh (referring to the audio of the site)

Let’s go out of here… and here under there is a menu… here we see pages of the site.

The first page is called morgue, second is 7 songs, etc. (he reads and translated the names up until “birthday).
Let’s start in order.

Let’s go to morgue. What is it? Whose feet are these? Some insects are crawling. They are coming after the mouse… Something is not right here. We are leaving here.

Damn, it’s not clear what that was. Maybe is the random set of information (referring to the legend). Let’s see what else is there. Ok, the page called 7 songs. It’s written here “listen”. Let’s listen. Damn, we are leaving, what are those horrifying sounds… what’s this? It’s an ant. (clicking)… damn they are skeletons here. And they are following my mouse… What a nonsense… Ok what do we have next? ‘Dead Fly’ (the name of the page). (clicking) fuuuuuu what the hell is this? we are leaving….. oh (in shock) the image has changed! Ok, lets go further…(clicking on ‘lullaby’). Again dead flies and these sounds… most likely this the page that holds the stories of all the victims of the Mouchette. The legend has it here are the last (‘….’ something ) of the dead. Look… there was one recent one: 2017. But ok, we are leaving. Ok, the next one is the ‘cat’…. Again something crazy. …ok let’s see whats next… What???? How???? ‘Fears Show’??? (the name of their youtube channel) I think it’s beginning. Let’s see what’s there….. Rom close your eyes…. questions!!! (after they see question marks on the screen) It needs questions:
..”mouchette where is Bill Shifer?” ….what the hell was that? It’s ok Rom, it’s all over, everything is ok… So whe have received an answer, the only thing is: we have to understand what all that meant. We need to rewatch that part about Bill. Guys if you understand what mouchette’s answer meant please write us in the comments . Friends we need your support. Give us ‘Likes’ if you believe we’re doing everything correctly.
And we will try to do everything we can to stop Bill.
And hope to meet soon.

translation of title: Summoning the Spirits – Damn Site – Never Go Online at 3 AM Fear Show # 41

description by Nikos Voyiatzis->
The video of Страхи Шоу (Fears Show) contains a staged act and a presentation by two kids, visuals and sounds, voice narrations, screen recordings of mouchette.org and it also contains some special content that is presented as being a part of mouchette but it is not. The added part is disguised as belonging to the website of mouchette under this URL ‘http://mouchette.org/flesh/tong.html’ and it is seemingly found under the dropdown menu of mouchette’s index page as’FEARS SHOW’ but is completely created by the makers of this video.

The video starts with a disclaimer, two graphics that indicate age restriction for viewers (16 plus and 18 plus), and the animated logo-intro of the Youtube channel which literally means “Fears Show”. Then we see two kids, both boys and quite young, in a dark space, that introduce themselves and recap the last video they did, that was about a demon called Bill that haunted a girl named Alice. We see video footage from previous video, that contains dark themed imagery. Then we see also the kids performing a type of exorcism inside a room
After some time, a mouchette logo that they made appears in the corner, and they start introducing the content of this video: mouchette.org. As they claim, they try to understand how the demon in the previous video haunted or connected to Alice, and as the only thing they know is that the demon is online, they go to mouchette.org to understand more things, as mouchette is not exactly a ghost but also not exactly a website. They call mouchette cursed, and they bring up a legend that says if you enter the site at 3’o clock in the night weird things will happen, automatically generated! Plus they claim that this is a site dedicated to a girl that was killed. Next they say that to find this website we just need a normal browser, and now, we see their desktop for the first time (at min 04.37) but we continue to see the kids in a small tab bottom left.

(4:46) Now we see the desktop, we can see some icons, it’s a computer desktop and swe see ome software they use to make these videos: browser Firefox, screenrecorder Bandicam, sound editor Audacity, multimedia player AIMP, and three videogames. They click on the browser, type the address of mouchette.org and go to the homepage (mouchette.org). It’s interesting to see the immediate reactions, particularly from the younger of the two, that leans to the back, taking a distance from the screen. The older kid starts describing and posing questions. He says that this is a site for a killed girl, that this is her picture (he shows the girl image on the top right), she lives in Amsterdam, is 13 years old (reading the middle top text, the identity list). He hovers over the image of the girl and gets the bubble with the text. Then he clicks on the image of the girl which brings him to ‘See Me’ (http://mouchette.org/home/seeme.html). He does not do much there, and goes back to the homepage.

(6:15) Now he sees the fly in the center of the page and clicks on it! This brings him to The Fly (http://mouchette.org/nom/fly.html) where both kids react to the sounds.
Soon he goes back to the homepage and talks about the drop-down menu that mouchette has. He opens the menu, reads and translates the names of the different pages till he gets to ‘Birthday’ and then starts to visit the pages in the same order as the drop-down menu.

First he goes to M.org.ue (http://mouchette.org/m.org.ue/index.html) and asks himself, what are these feet, to whom they belong, what are these insects doing. Soon he says that it’s time to leave this place. Next he picks 7 songs (http://mouchette.org/music/index.html) and then clicks on the listen button which brings them to hear the 1st song under the link ‘listen’ (http://mouchette.org/music/ao.html)but we hear something else than this first song. Instead we now hear a different sound-track of a girl’s voice saying in english “Its going to be ok” and things like this, together with scary sounds. Its edited in a way that one can think this is what you hear when you click on the listen button. He finds it freaky and decides to leave again asap!

(8:13) Back to the homepage again, he finds an ant on the top right corner (interesting is also that the ants DO NOT move as they do normally in the site), he clicks on it and this brings him to ‘Squelette’ (http://mouchette.org/squelette/index.html) where he observes that skeletons follow his mouse (here it’s again interesting that I do not see the full url of ‘squelette’ but mouchette.org, do you have any idea why?).

(8:33) Again back to homepage, he now picks from the dropdown menu The fly (http://mouchette.org/fly/index.html) and seems disgusted when seeing the Fly as a button flying over the plate of food. He goes back to the homepage. He is almost in shock, when he sees that small icon of mouchette has changed into a scary face.

(9:00) From the menu he picks The Lullaby and is now on http://mouchette.org/fly/flies.html. It’ s great that he states that this must be the place with all the victims of mouchette!.
They watch the intro and some posts that are rendered and go back to homepage and from there to The Cat (http://mouchette.org/cat/index.html).
(9:49) Again they’re almost shocked by the cat, he goes back to homepage, opens the dropdown menu, and a new list performance begins!

(10:05) As also documented in the 2nd screenshot in this folder, they have added here the FEAR SHOW tag (their channel name) inside the dropdown menu of mouchette.org.
They will click on it, and a sort of animation will begin, the made-up and subjective intervention simulated under the URL ‘http://mouchette.org/flesh/tong.html’ that I wrote about in the beginning of this text.
Where the content added here comes from is not clear to me. What I know is that it happens on the browser, and seems to be happening under this URL http://mouchette.org/flesh/tong.html.. In other words, what we see there is not the original content under this URL ‘http://mouchette.org/flesh/tong.html’, but their own intervention.
We see a fly, a man, flashing strobing lights, we see the kids getting more scared, we see more flies, crosses, dark creatures with black holes in their eyes. It looks like an animated digital novel, we see a photo of a woman, then an animation of a woman, a face of a demon or monster, and then, many question marks fill the browser window!
The boy screams to Mouchette, asks her something about Bill, and then the tension rises high up, more flashing animations and graphics appear, signs of exorcism, symbols, eyes, flies….
The older boy says to the younger that everything is over now and that they received the answer of Mouchette, only they do not know how to interpret it or understand it.
(12:20) The two boys are full screen.
The older boy asks for help in understanding the meaning of the answer from his viewers. Here comes a sequence where we see onscreen clippings of comments by the authors and their viewers. Some of these contain also drawings made and sent by their followers and some more images referring to the animation of the subjective intervention they did.
The video ends (13:36).

additional comments by Nikos: After working on some videos I can see clearly a motive, which is that mouchette.org is beeing refered as Damn Site among many of these youtubers. (see title’s). Plus in the description of the video on youtube, there is this statement, translated here into english automatically -> “Attention! This video is part of the show and is not intended for audiences under the age of 13. All stunts are performed by professional actors and stuntmen. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REPEAT IT YOURSELF!”I love that they react on the sounds (laugh etc of mouchette). But I do find that the most amazing part of this one is the connection with their existing content, the intervention they did on the site with their own contentappearing as mouchette.org content, plus their great acting!

I would be curious to know your reactions, Martine. Do you think this one is staged by an adult and uses kids as performers? I do have the feeling that someone is behind this I dont know why and if it makes sense to you also, but especially, technically speaking, the mouchette part, I don’t know, seems a bit super well done, exceeds normal functions of screen recorders apps. Also I would be curious to identify if there is any consistent source of content for their animated intervention.

Additional comments by Martine:

I love that video so much! I have definitely fallen in love with the two boys and their acting. They are probably brothers and I love the way they act together, the older one leads the way and acts with a lot of stamina and expression, and the younger is the supporting actor and although he hardly has text, he pays his part seriously and has also a very good screen presence.
They must have had some kind of training to be good actors like this. Maybe it’s just emulation of a certain genre, the Russian-Scary-Youtube-Channel genre, which I’m not familiar with. I don’t believe the two boys are the authors of the videos. I assume it’s the father or an older brother who runs the Youtube channel “Fears Show”, writes the episodes, makes the maps and props and also the screen animations and trains the young actors. The young brother is called ‘Rom’ for Roman, I suppose, and is being protected and reassured by the older brother, which seems to be part of their usual act.
Here the web environment of Mouchette is being used for this episode. They invent the character of Mouchette as the ‘killed girl’ or the ‘Killer Girl’ and they act as if they are scared when browsing the pages of Mouchette. They have followers who know their previous episodes, so they follow-up on the scenario, they serve stock visual material (plus some extra flies for Mouchette) as scary stuff and their choice goes for black and white, and probably re-use the animations and the names of the characters (Bill? Lisa?) who appeared in previous episodes. I believe their narrative systems are based on tropes rather than causality. For example Mouchette is the ‘killed/killer’ girl (no suicide here) with no specific causal explanation for being both. So the texts they fall upon in “Lullaby” are seen as the testimonies of the killed people, even a proof that Mouchette is a killer…
The way the website of Mouchette is visually manipulated is really unique. They sometimes use a screenshot of the homepage instead of the real homepage and you can tell the difference because the ants (these are gifs on the homepage) are not moving. At some point they create an insert, some photoshop insert I imagine, to put their material inside mouchette’s website, first in the ‘7 songs’ page, where they add a very small dark square and they insert their own sounds, and then in the dropdown menu of the homepage where they insert the name of the channel ‘FEARS SHOW’to lead to their own material. They had prepared the viewers already from the title on ‘Never go online at 3 AM’. The underlying scenario here is that a ‘ghost-entity’can be summoned at a certain time and in certain circumstances, and it suddenly gives sign of its presence, with some sounds or moving objects (here the motion is the animation) and it can be asked some questions. The answers, which are made of these sounds and motions and more, are mysterious and they must to receive an interpretation. They ask their viewers and followers for an interpretation.
That’s where they are very similar in narrative tactics to Mouchette, who always ends up her stories with a question and involves the viewers: “How can I write this since I’m dead?’.

original url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngmnELd7mKw&ab_channel=%D0%A1%D1%82%D1%80%D0%B0%D1%85%D0%B8%D0%A8%D0%BE%D1%83

date published: Mar 13, 2018
username: Страхи Шоу
other info about user, other channels online: https://www.instagram.com/strahishow/, https://ok.ru/group/54448914432240,https://vk.com/strahi_show
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