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Is Mouchette surviving through her visitors or are the visitors surviving through Mouchette ?

In the PHD of Paule Mackrous, a part is devoted to this very blog (from page 197, on) and the relation with her own fictional character.

Chapter 4.6 is called “Mouchette la survivante” (Mouchette the survivor) describes approaches of identification in, of her own identification too.

Chapter 4.7  (page 205) is called “Les Kits de Survie” (Survival Kits), and refers to her personal/fictional blog: PattyOgreen.

Page 206: “Survival Kit of Mouchette inside of me”. Is it the survival of Mouchette inside of her, of Patty’s survival through Mouchette?

Page 209 mentions the feedback loops or mirrors effects between her blog and this blog.


Paule Mackrous describes a number of mirror effects between our two sites, like a survival process (page 210 to 221)


Download the PHD (in french) Paule-Mackrous



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