Girlhood and the Plastic Image


UPNE – Girlhood and the Plastic Image: Heather Warren-Crow
I have received my copy of this publication by %20Heather/warrenCrow.php” target=”_blank”>Heather Warren-Crow that has a complete chapter on Mouchette. Read here the text on the back cover

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I wrote her a mail to thank her:

Dear Heather,
I received a copy of your book some time ago. I finally got the time to read it, and I’m writing here to say how much I liked it.
I very much appreciated your demonstration of how girlhood is central to digital media.
But of course I mostly have an opinion as the author of one of the 3 main works you commented and I must say I was very happy to read you. I found you knew the work through and through, you must have spent an awful lot of time perusing the users comments.
Since I spend so much time and energy maintaining the site, making it available and preserving it, it is really satisfying to find people who make so much use of it.
I liked all your comments about Mouchette, I really recognized the spirit of my work in the ideas you developped in the book. Some of the references you mention have influenced me in a very conscious way, since I’m a lover of little girls in art since a very long time, Alice by Lewis Carroll, and the Vivian Girls by Henry Darger, and it made me happy to meet them again in your book.
I just purchased two copies of your book on Amazon to offer to friends.
I wish you a lot of success with your book, and I thank for your writings.
Warmest greetings,


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