here’s a ton of weird websites for your viewing pleasure:

  • www.yyyyyyy.info – starting off with a classic. text and media are, seemingly, generated at random. each time you refresh the page. a very chaotic website that gives you a lot to look at.
  • superbad – and super clickable
  • hippo hippo – hippo
  • mouchette – it’s very possible this is my favorite on this list. a haunting french website.
  • flash-movies – surreal, interactive art by larry carlson
  • afterlife telegrams – if you ever want to send a letter to a deceased love one, this is your go-to.
  • lingscars – ling’s cars, apparently
  • 99rooms – make your way through 99 rooms via point-n-click mechanics
  • hrubasy.cz – gaudy czech site
  • anasomnia – the magic begins when you turn the lights off
  • magibon – tries a little too hard to be scary but it’s still fairly disturbing.
  • sentimentalcorp – a website packed with auditory and visual oddities.
  • neave.tv – a site that dubs over various clips with “unfitting” audio. the one with baby kermit is fucking hilarious
  • subculture – links upon links upon links plus pop-ups
  • heavensgate – website belonging to a notorious cult of the same name
  • Are You Living In a Computer Simulation? – well, are you?
  • landoverbaptist / just4kidsmagazine – two incredibly resonating pages that will surely deter you from succumbing to satan’s foul temptations. complete with tacky clipart!
  • staggeringbeauty – shake vigorously
  • dear lorne, – in which DW Lewis pours his heart out to Michael Lorne, founder of snl
  • whatever this is – i dont know

just a heads up most of these sites feature a lot of triggering content -flashing images, loud sounds, suicide mention, blood, etc – as well as nsfw and considerably creepy material. tread carefully and happy browsing!

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