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below is a list of various works of net art (or at times debatably only history) from across the world wide web. some of it is frightening. some of it is plain. some of it is purposefully malfunctioning. some of it is mind-bendingly strange. some of it is cerebral. some of it (which i will tag) is vulgar. some of it is confusing. most of it is confusing. all of it is beautiful. prepare your eyes for the best thing since sliced pornography

*mouchette* — show/hide desc

when someone asks me what net art is i immediately show them mouchette.org. in the same vein, when someone asks me what the strangest site i’ve ever seen is i immediately show them mouchette.org. certainly there are some places that are similarly strange but nobody really gets me the way mouchette does. she really builds up a freak personality that i won’t forget as long as i live. she’s a bit of a role model i could never hope to be as unstable as

dreamspace — show/hide desc

a chain of psychedelic cinemagraphs. a bit like a webcomic but much better

the anorexic-bulemic rec room [vulgar] — show/hide desc

some of the images within are horrifying and the whole site is a testament to how terrifyingly disturbed some men are in my opinion. if you disagree then you’re likely contributing to a culture that promotes mental unwellness. try getting bent come back and we’ll talk

donnie darko — show/hide desc

back a bit before donnie darko came out there was an interactive flash site that was a bit like the strange adventure that is the movie but fairly unique in its own way. see how far you can get through it. like most net art its better with the lights off though it isn’t particularly frightening

99rooms — show/hide desc

ana somnia — show/hide desc

armacham corporate — show/hide desc

jodi art collective — show/hide desc

zombocom — show/hide desc

tane — show/hide desc

the last real net art museum — show/hide desc

teleportacia — show/hide desc

inkoddi’s flash loops — show/hide desc

zombie and mummy — show/hide desc

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