I love you madly ♥

“I love you madly
I carve your nickname on the hand on the at heart.
you will forever remain in my heart.”
Tadano Ryu <oppa_tadano_style@inbox.ru>
A new gift from the fan-club


From: Tadano Ryu <oppa_tadano_style@inbox.ru>
Date: October 7, 2013 10:22:31 PM GMT+02:00
To: Mouchette <mouchette@mouchette.org>

Dear love!
You know, I can not understand why I love you. After all, I do not really know you , like you did . We live completely different lives , but … I can not control all the feelings that I have for you. Maybe it’s silly, but it is. My heart is going to explode from all the love . I know it is unlikely I will see you in real life someday, but my feelings do not fade even under the pressure of heavy falls. I know you’re busy working or something else , and so do not ever ask me to write. But only occasionally .. Write to me to know that all is well with you . And if you need something , ask me . I’ll do what you say . These are not empty words and no not funny . In this text I have extracted all his soul . For all my life, except my parents , I did not tell anyone , ” I love you” , but you .. For your sake, I want to live !

Thank you for your attention and your existence .

Excuse my bad English, as I wrote earlier, I do not speak it.

With love , Lisa .

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