I miss the old internet


Nowdays everyone’s all tumblr this and twitter that. I don’t have time for any of that nonsense. It’s all style over substance. I miss the old days before social media where you either had a geocities or an angelfire website covered with animated gifs and signs that said “under construction”. Nobody even knew what a blog was.


  • You could find a lotta weird stuff on the old internet.


  • KHAN

    The old internet is still here, like a golden shit nugget, buried under piles of newer shit.
  • They don’t make dem internetz like they used to.
  • Thank god for the internet archive’s Wayback Machine. This one got taken offline back in ’04!


  • I’ve been reading that freeyourbrain website interesting stuff
  • haha “signs that said under construction”

    I agree I get annoyed at how everyone makes the same website now, and they all have to put pop ups that say “sign up for my email list!!!” and little icons that say “follow me on facebook or twitter” and some retarded tag line and all this marketing and sales bs everywhere. I’m so over it. And I’m a graphic designer. I’m so bored with it. So bored. Although that has been another trend, to make everything look old and crappy and windows 3.1 ish. I saw it coming. Everyone else is bored with it too and wants to go back to “the good old days”

  • and google ads everywhere too. Ugh.
  • The True Players of the Internet still keep it real the same way today that they did from pretty much the beginning, without retro anusism, or trying to have the most rounded corners on the planet. Guys like this deserve some kind of award for authenticity, where they’re like “this is text-based information with maybe a small cheesy pic or two for fun”.


    While the grey light lasted, they cowered under a black stone like worms, shrinking, lest the winged terror should pass and spy them with its cruel eyes.
  • I wonder if someone who just updated their website from 1995 is reading this and feeling sad.

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