Interactive web art

Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;” href=”” target=”_blank”>COURSE NUMBER AND TITLE 511-211-DW Section 01 (Wednesdays)

Interactive Web Art & Culture 
INSTRUCTOR Andres Manniste
INSTITUTION Dawson College
SEMESTER Autumn 2011
To discuss elements of culture and civilization in artistic or literary works.

OFFICE & TELEPHONE Office: 2G6-3 Telephone: 931-8731, ext. 3203


(New readings and browsing may be added in the course of the semester)

Week 1 (August 24):

Lecture: Introduction to course: New Media Art Powerpoint Presentation
Lab: Introduction to Macintosh lab. Logon, working with programs, entering and exiting files, portable memory, network.
Browsing: Digital Art Museum and Digital Art Source
Larin, Lise-Helene (2002) Paint by Numbers III, Bondir
Reading: William J. Mitchell (1994) “Intention and Artifice” in The Reconfigured Eye: Visual Truth in the Post-Photographic Era, Cambridge: MIT Press, pp.23-57.
Homework: Gathering resources for “My last self portrait in cegep”.

Week 2 (August 31):

Lecture: Intention and Artifice (powerpoint); the GUI and working with digital images.
Lab: Project #1, “My last self portrait in cegep” (painting and drawing with the computer and working with photographic images, 20%)
Browsing:, Shelley Jackson (1997) My Body, Dan McCormack (1998) Bodyscan, Stellarc (1996) Ping Body (Google it!) , Olia Lialina (1996) My Boyfriend Came Back From the War , Petra Cortright (2007)vvebcam and John F. Simon, Jr. (1997) Every Icon
Readings: Tribe, Jana (2007), New Media Art,”Introduction“, p. 6-25 and “Olia Lialina”, p. 60-61

Week 3 (September 7):

Lab: Work session: Introduction to image manipulation programs.
Browsing: Napier, Mark (1998) The Digital Landfill, Mattes, Eva and Franco (1998)
and Computers Club Drawing Society 
Readings: How to write a Project (link .pdf file) and Walter Benjamin (1992, c.1936) “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction”, extracts from Illuminations, trans. Harry Zohn, London, Fontana, 1992 pp. 211-244 and Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art, “Mark Napier“, p. 70-71, “”, p. 26-27.

Week 4 (September 14):

Lecture: Benjamin (Benjamin slides)
Lab: Work session, network printers and printing.
Browsing: Jodi, Heemskerk, Joan and Paesmans, Dirk (2006) Max Payne cheats only
Readings: Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art, “Natalie Bookchin“, p. 31-31 and Mark Amerika (1997) “Surf-Sample-Manipulate: Playgiarism on the Net”, Telopolis, Munich: Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co.


Week 5 (September 21):

Lecture: Copyright and plagiarism
Lab: Simple animations, gifs.
Browsing: Cosic, Vuk (1999) Deep ascii ,Young-Hae Chang Heavy industries (2005) Super Smile and Kim Jong-il Looking At Things.
Readings: Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art, “Vuk Cosic“, p. 38-39 and “Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries“, p. 94-95.

Week 6 (September 28):

Project 1 Due
Presentation of projects, class evaluation of project #1.

Week 7 (October 5, Mid-term assessment):

TEST 10% (On browsings, readings and computer knowledge to date)

Lab: Work session. Working on simple animations, gifs. Make a small animation. 5%
Introduction to Project #2Group project , “Is technology moral?” (20%)
Homework: Write a proposal for Project #25%
Assignment: Write an appreciation of your completed project 1 or 2, taking into consideration the readings that have been assigned. (500 words maximum, due week 15) 5%
Browsing: Gary Hill (2000) Remembering Paralinguay, Takeo Yamaguchi (2006) Candy Factory Projects , Tokyo Rose Advertising

Week 8 (October 19):           
Project 2 proposal due.
Presentation of proposals. Formation of groups. How to work in groups

Readings on line: Lialina, Olia (2005) A Vernacular Web, The Indigenous and The Barbarians  Lialina, Olia (2007) Vernacular web 2
Internet link: Apple i-movie tutorial (i-movie HD) i-movie O9

Week 9 (October 26):

Lecture: Introduction to webpage architecture.
Lab: Working on simple webpage.
Browsing: Wattenberg, Martin (1997) and
Readings: Natalie Bookchin and Alexei Shulgin (1999) Introduction to net. art and Bolter, Jay David (1997) “Digital Media and Cinematic Point of View”, Telopolis, Munich: Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co.

Week 10 (November 2):

Lecture: Working with things that move. The nature of the present. Discussion of interactive art.
Assignment: Simple webpage. 5%
Browsing: Alexei Shulgin (1998) 386DX Cyberpunk rock bandMouchette (Avatar, 1996-2010, Martine Neddam) ., Andres Manniste (2003) La Corne, (2005) Cacophonie
Readings: Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art, “Alexei Shulgin“, p. 84-85 and “Mouchette“, p. 66-67.

Week 11 (November 9):

Project #2 Due
Small animation due.
Presentation of projects, class evaluation of project #2.
Project 3: Option #1 Group project (Culture) 20%  or Option #2
A written synthesis of the readings and browsings (1500-2000 word term paper, 20%)

Week 12 (November 16):

Simple webpage due
Lecture: Network Art
Lab: Work session
Readings: Tilman Baumgärtel (1997) “Interview with Jodi” Telopolis, Munich: Heise Zeitschriften Verlag GmbH & Co. , and Mattes, Eva and Franco (2000) “life-sharing” Emergent Medium 02 Minneapolis: Walker Art Center, gallery 9, and Tribe, Jana (2007) New Media Art, “Jodi“, p. 50-51.

Week 13 (November 23):
Lecture: Art making in the post industrial.
Lab: Work session

Week 14 (November 30):

TEST 10% (On browsings, readings and computer knowledge to date)
Lab: Work session

Week 15 (December 7):

Presentations and discussion.
Appreciation due.
Term paper (if approved) due.

(December 14, 2011 at 15:00, last time to receive all projects)



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