Internet Studio, Lecture notes 1/23/12

Internet Studio, Lecture notes 1/23/12.

Lecture notes 1/23/12

Here are my lecture notes with links to the sites we looked at on Monday. Thanks everyone for sharing the sites you are interested in. Why not post your list to tumblr? JODI since 1995 view page source Mouchette 1996 anonymity, secret identity confusion, sexuality and other taboo subject matter, interactive, no goal (film trailer) Cory Arcangel studied music and technlogy of music Nintendo game cartridge hacks: Super Mario Clouds 2002 Naptime f2 (2005) Internet interventions  (2004) Paganini’s 5th Caprice (2011) The piece is known for its incredible speed and extremely high technical difficulty. Olia Lialina My Boyfriend Came Back From The War (1996…) Borges, Forking Paths (hypertext novel 1941)


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