It will all be over by Sunday

It will all be over by Sunday. : SuicideWatch.
I’ve read so many interesting, strange, and downright bizarre websites about suicide over the years. I remember finding (Wikipedia link) when I was twelve. I’d been Googling the best way to commit suicide as a child, and there was a page where the character of Mouchette poses that same question to her visitors. A weird forum of sad, suicidal children and teens gathered around there, discussing the best ways to end it. That website still frightens me, though I spent months on it as a morbid pre-teen.

via It will all be over by Sunday. : SuicideWatch.

Ten years ago, Mouchette’s suicide page used to be the only place where people could go for venting their suicidal intentions and eventually get support from readers. I’m so glad there are good sites that serve this purpose now, sites with proper rules and moderation. This page can become a work of art again, which it always intended to be.


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