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 “I didn’t know Mouchette was a site in which anyone who signs up can create their own page”

April 25, 2008 at 8:25 pm

I am trying to understand Mouchette. I signed up to be a member of Mouchette’s website. When I did,  one of the questions I responded to was, “Why do you want to be Mouchette?”

I really don’t want to be Mouchette though. She turns into an Ophelia.

I’m not anything like them.

But I like the structure of Mouchette’s site. Sometimes I feel my mind operates in a similar manner- uncontrollable thoughts that divert my attention to the point where I need to take a really deep breath and quiet everything. Sometimes, when navigating through Mouchette’s site, there are quiet moments, when you reach something comparable to a dead end.

This is strange. I didn’t know Mouchette was a site in which anyone who signs up can create their own page. Weird…maybe not. It’s using the internet as it should be used.

This is the e-mail I got after signing up:

Dear tournesol,

Someone (possibly you) has requested an account for Mouchette’s
identity-sharing interface ( ) with the following

Name: tournesol
Password: musashi

1-This will allow you to use Mouchette’s mail, to send your own messages as if
you were Mouchette to everyone you want, to read Mouchette’s inbox and to reply
to every message in it.

2-It will also allow you to create your own pages at, to
personalize your own Mouchette space by putting your own photo and your
own city on Mouchette’s homepage.

3-It will give you access to a message board where all those who share
Mouchette’s identity meet, inform and help each other.

If you do not want this action to be taken, simply ignore this message and the
request will be disregarded.

If you really want this action to be taken, please go to the url below for

If you confirm your request, you will soon be informed by email that your
password has been validated. It will give you personalized access to the
identity-sharing interface and immediately you will be able use these 3


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