WARNING by KrazyCarrotMan

This screen capture has no spoken commentaries but contains the original sound. So it has no subtitles only the title and my signature in the end


the URLs are visible, so it’s a rough description
-A serious warning in the beginning
– the homepage, clicking on the fly in the middle-mouchette.org/nom/fly.html (with the sound of laughter)
-“Lullaby for a Dead Fly”, complete
-3:03 text written on the picture “had to cut that out cuz it had pornography for some reason >:( ”
-3:09 writing messages in the url space, in horror of the supposed contents like ” OMGGG, etc..”  “I’m done here”  while browsing very quickly, as if scared of what might be seen.

Interesting tactic of writing comments in the url space while recording a screep capture session.
I wonder for what kind of public this video has been made.

This is the Youtube channel of KrazyCarrotMan

Here is a link to the original YouTube video

Warning by KrazyCarrotMan 




Here is the comple series of new videos screen captures found online by Nikos in December 2023



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