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(14) Сайт мушет

translation of title: The site

description-> The video of Maxim Maximum contains browser recordings of from a mobile phone with Mobizen, and voice narration by a young boy. It contains original sounds, however, he has set the sound level too low, and we can barely hear them.

The video starts with a google search results page, with the film at the top of the list, and relevant info about the film and the book in text and images and as user scrolls down the second result is The user picks this one and arrives in the homepage of mouchette.

From the dropdown menu the user picks ‘’ and goes to the relevant page ( where we slightly hear the sound. Then the user goes back to the homepage and from then he visits a work and then goes back to homepage to visit the next one in the list.

He chooses ‘7 Songs’ from the dropdown and goes to a page called ‘Music’ ( where user pans and zooms and yells “It’s music!”. (00:39)

Then user visits ‘Dead Fly’ ( and clicks on the moving button ‘It’s Me’ and therefore continues to the next fly page,, where he talks on top of the green text with the sounds. I do not get what he talks about exactly, I think he is not translating but describing a little what he encounters.
After some time reading the user is presented with the ‘TELL ME’ button which user clicks and receives this pop up form
Here the user zooms in and responds to the question posed by Mouchette: “How can I write this since I’m dead?”. The keyboard of this user appears and the user writes “Sorry me”.

As a name the user types Robert (here we can see another email address than the fake one user will use next, I do not write this down as I don’t know to whom it belongs, but it’s there, minute 02:42). As an email user he types ‘’. And hits  the ‘TELL ME’ button, which brings the user to the ‘Lullaby’ (  ‘Lullaby’ is auto-translated in the browser into russian, and it’s on an elongated implementation on a vertical phone screen. We see the intro and do not hear it exactly, we see user entries floating on the screen. (03:17).

To go back to the homepage he clicks the back button several times, travelling back through the different pages of the “Dead Fly” he had been through before.

Then the user goes back to the homepage and from there to the ‘Cat’ ( which the user kills by hitting the ‘KILL ME’ moving button and is transferred to the next cat page, this one where the user replies to the question posed by Mouchette “Why did you kill my cat ????”. The user replies by writing “I am not”. Then contributes with the same name and email as before, and hits ‘PROMISE ME’  button, which brings to ( which is the responses archive of the ‘Cat’. The page is not visible except the top frame (problem accessing the database)
The user shouts and hits ‘Home’. (04:34)



From the dropdown menu the user picks ‘Flesh&Blood’ which is auto-translated into russian (, he zooms in the second question: “Want to know what my tongue tastes like? Try it on your screen and tell me” and there the user submits an answer which is quite verbal and we also hear it, and fills in the same name and email as before, (robert, and ends up in the ‘Thank You’ page. (05:34)

Back to the homepage and now to ‘Suicide Kit’ (, the user reads out loud and clicks on “HELP ME”, which brings to, which is now auto translated on into russian. The user submits an answer to the question with same details and a reponse like “jhkhkjjh” is directed to the ‘Thank You’ page


Back to the homepage, from the dropdown menu, now the user visits quickly ‘Birthday’ ( and ‘Trademark’ ( turned also into russian, and the user submits the same details as above in the text fields, plus, as city, he adds a number. He reads all these out loud while doing it.
The user attempts to submit the response by hitting ‘PLEASE STOP THE HATE’ button, but gets an error from the ‘’ page and expresses much disappointment!

Now from the dropdown menu in the homepage user visits the ‘Film Quiz’ (, automatically translated into russian and seems to be reading the text  and making some commentaries but it’s not very clear to me. (08:30)

Then from the homepage the user goes to ‘Fan Club’ ( and seems to express happiness for the many forms found! The user writes in the first form ‘Pidor’, in the second ‘Otstan’, while always zooming in inside each form, submits some random numbers in the other forms, doing all this with much fun and joy. He writes the name ‘Robert’,  and the email ‘ arrives automatically in the text fiels and presses the ‘Send’ button, to get the ‘Thank You’ page’ He reads out loud the ‘thank you’ and *bisous*  while zooming in and out with enthusiasm! (10:34)

From the homepage now the user picks ‘Secret’ ( and shouts something like OPA! opapapa!, expressing so much surprise about what is there, all the non-working flash icons! The video is done in 2020 so there are issues with Flash, with the quicktime errors showing around, and that was before the reparation by Niek Reus. (10:53)

Now the user visits from dropdown menu of the homepage the ‘Striped Penis’ ( which again is in russian and which again he approaches with much verbal enthusiasm.
The user zooms in the bottom right of the page and finds the question “Did you see any other manipulated details?”. On the answer form user types random letters and same name and email as always. Then he zooms out, changes the answer, does not submit to see the next page, and goes back to the homepage. (13:02)

From the dropdown menu the user chooses ‘I Love Mouchette’ ( where a really nice zoom on the gifs happens.
Then  he moves to ‘Dummy’ ( where we see the background image  repeated 5 times horizontally…. We do hear the ‘Dummy’ sound from the background a bit, and the text is turned into russian again. By submitting the name again ‘Robert ‘ again and the email in the place of the response on the question “What do you hear?”,  the user hits the ‘send’ button to receive the next page of ‘Dummy’,, where user again enters the same details, but does not ‘submit’, instead, he goes steps back to find the homepage again.


From the dropdown menu the user visits ‘Dummy’ again, and then goes back to the homepage and the video ends. (15:57)

Additional comments by Nikos:
This is the longest video of all. The user stays in each work much more than other users. And participates-interacts. I find nice how it comes back to the practise of submitting textual entries by name and email, and does it many times.
These type of action is super good to record, shows the ~front end~ of the database browser, MLM, site, performing the editing etc feedback loop.
This user uses an email ending with at ….!

I also love it  when he starts with a web search which brings as first result the movie by Bresson  before the website of mouchette, which pays  a sort of tribute to the idea of appropriation.

Besides it’s nice to see the details of the title change, on top of the browser window while not on the site, from english to russian.

Additional comments by Martine:
Maxim is very expressive, he has a good voice, he’s very easy to entertain or surprise, he enjoys addressing his public and he has a lot of exclamations throughout his recorded browsing. He is very spontaneous and natural in a lovely childish way, he laughs, but also yawns, not for expressivity but just because he needs to at that moment. When he fills in a text field with loose letters like this: “fhjgkgkfkfkfkkkgfjdj” he also makes funny noises like ‘grrr ‘or ‘brrr..’ in a joyful way. He feels at home with what he’s doing, he is in his own rhythm, his own tempo and his own curiosity, his own fun. Maxim sounds very young (I would say 9 years old) and he is just playing a game that he enjoys.
Maxim is also really keen on filling in text fields with name and email and doesn’t want to use his own (although it comes in the view inside his browser, but has invented one especially for this site: ‘Robert’ and ‘’ as his email.
All of his contributions have been kept in the database (see clippings with a pink background above on this page) and surprisingly, I didn’t suppress his email, which I usually do when people use fake emails. I tend to suppress their email when I get a bounce after I sent the automatic email corresponding to each of the works. Most probably I didn’t receive any bounce from this email
I also checked his real name and email (Maksim Yuferev inside my database, but didn’t find anything.
Although the pages of Mouchette are automatically translated in russian on his phone, he uses a keyboard with latin alphabet, and this alphabet is not all that easy for him, and neither is english.
I like that he spends so much time on each work, he is rather slow for everything, clicking back and forth, typing, just looking at pages, for longer time than anyone else, and having strong vocal reactions with nearly everything he sees.
I enjoy the way the website looks on his phone, the homepage is tiled in three horizontal layers and it looks good. Maxim is zooming in quite a slow manner, and I thinks he cares for details and some of his zooming moments are really pleasurable.

If I had to choose just one screenrecording among the 14 shown here (Archived by Nikos) I would choose this one.  It’s playful and friendly and optimist, it puts me in a good mood and the website looks good on this phone, the unusual tilings, the zoomings, and it gives enough time to oberve it.

Thanks Maxim Maximum!

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