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have you guys ever seen this website before?~
oh god~ the author of the website is a “so-called”  13 YEARS OLD Amsterdam little girl.
when i first come to the website, hell~ there is a background sound effect of women’s choking=.=
also, the background is annoying also, lots of flies creeping around the screen and the visual impact brought by the background somehow makes people feel awful because there are many bloody objects, like the dish contains some blood-like liquid.
somepage, like flesh ad blood, the background is a person who try to use hie/her tongue to lick somethings, which promp people thinking of sexuality .
in the blog of digital flesh and blood, she said:

“Want to know what my tongue tastes like? Try it on your screen and tell me”

<-oh my god ~it doesn’t like what a girl at the age of 13 said!!!

more importantly, a 13years old girl should be innocent and pure~ how come she would ask people what is the best method to commit suicide~ which also arose people attention and publish different opinions.
some said she might regret if she really commit suicide~ and some talking their discontent towards their relative and family members, like sister, and really want to die also. the discussion lead to over 771 page of comment. wow~ it’s amazing!!!
but generally, me and my classmate like yeung kin, both of us think that the “13-years old” girl  just intended to draw people attention on her, there is no way for us to proove if her information~

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