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 Thursday Nov 16,  2000

Is this really the work of a 13-year-old?
Art by wheezer 

99.99% effective at preventing pregnancy

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Nov 24, 2000
British cooking at its finest: The British Lard Marketing Board.
to Food by elder
Nov 23, 2000
Many moons ago, anime fans went completely bonkers about whether a particular series should begin with “ah” or “oh”; if only these lists of89 and 95 things had been around to remind people to, in Shatner’s words Get a life!
to Media by mpc
I’m sorry Al but I can’t do that.
to Politics by kade
GothsGardening. Gothic Gardening. Much more interesting than you’d think, and extremely well-written. Particular favorites are the theme gardens, especially The Abortionist’s Garden and The Little Greenhouse of Horrors (although it could do with more information about carnivorous plants). But c’mon – any gardening site with a page on Gardening for Bats gets my approval.
to Culture by elder
Nov 22, 2000
It’s comforting to know that there’s a crack team of experts working ’round the clock to investigate and chronicle the scar on Sharon Stone’s neck.
to Conspiracy by succa
In the U.S., the Friday after Thanksgiving is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year. And if you need an excuse to avoid the charging masses, it’s also Buy Nothing Day.
to Commerce by tregoweth
Some silly people thought Cassini was too dangerous to launch because of it’s plutonium power source. Others oppose the hydrogen-bomb-driven Orion spacecraft on more sensible grounds. Everyone, however can agree that we probably were wise not to build the Pluto, afission-reactor-powered cruise missile from the 50’s.
to Warfare by riotnrrd
OPP: Other People’s Property. PGP: Other people’s genitals.
to Art by riotnrrd
Nov 21, 2000
Take a single guy obsessed with Gymnastics, someone from an AOL chatroom claiming to be Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu, add a bunch of lawsuits and you have Defamation And Dominique.
to Wackos by kade
George W. Bush — merely dumb, or true lower primate?
to Politics by boneyard
In a strange case of technology copying artGiven Imaging is planning to sell a camera you can swallow.
to Art by riotnrrd
Face it, we all die. However, what better way to spend all of eternity than as a piece of artwork?
to Art by kade
Nov 20, 2000
Chopping Block: because serial killers are people too.
to Comics by joshua
The same sophisticated country that brought us cane toads andkangaroo scrotum change purses comes (ahem) Puppetry of the PenisWatch as Morley and Friend bend and twist their penises into sculptures and celebrity impressions.
to Art by riotnrrd
There must be a better corporate naming scheme than taking somerandom noun and sticking “red” in front of it.
to Commerce by gator
Hey Ladies – do you want to know how to snare a mad scientist? Perhaps you feel sympathetic to these men. Still shy you say? You should try the classified ads. Or maybe you should leave him a gift on his doorstep after you stalk him for awhile.
to Humor by laurel
Rent-A-Mark has an unusual business plan: renting trademarks. In thisintellectual-property-crazed age, it sounds like it could be a real money maker. Except who would want to pay for such god-awful clip-art eyesores?
to Commerce by riotnrrd
Nov 19, 2000
Ever wonder what a theatrical trailer for Orson Scott Card’s Ender’s Game might be like? The Philotic Web (the official fan site) also has artand music inspired by the Enderverse.
to Books by laurel
There’s no need to hire expensive geophysicists or New-Ageydowsers when THE LORD tells you where to find profitable oil wells! You heathens would never dream of replacing your petroleum engineers with bible scholars, but that’s why you don’t work at Ness Energy – founded to “distribute God’s SUPERNATURAL WEALTH to God’s end-time ministries.” Strangely, God’s supernatural wealth has not translated into supernatural returns for Ness’s shareholders – but we here at memepool are pretty sure it’s just God’s way of testing the faith of the flock.
to Wackos by pjammer
Nov 18, 2000
Sometimes you need the right tool for the right job. When you want to haul 4,000 pounds of construction material from Florida to Maryland, aVW Jetta is probably not the right tool. Don’t try this at home. Actually, don’t try this anywhere.
to Wackos by mdm
Nov 17, 2000 is a fantastic website that contains many frequently asked questions about sewing. These topics range from Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Zippers (but were afraid to ask?) to Men’s Pants.
to Fashion by laurel
When you look at the sky at night, thank your lucky (ahem) stars that we live in a relatively dust-free part of the galaxy. This empty volume around us, out to about 100 light-years in every direction, is called the Local Bubble. Without this Bubble, it would be unlikely that we could see as many stars as we can. This good fortune is somewhat mitigated, however, by the fact that our sun is further encased in a small dust cloud, called the Local FluffAstronomers can be so cute!
to Science by riotnrrd
What’s going on is an excellent guide to strange or just fun events happening all over the world.
to Culture by peterb
Nov 16, 2000
Is this really the work of a 13-year-old?
to Art by wheezer
Must we randomize everythingSitesradiomusic (win/mac/linux),poetry (prefer haiku or sonnets?), fablesplaysjokesfontspostcards,webcamsfemale celebrity picspornWhy godwhy?
to Web by wheezer
Ummmm, Hats of Meat?
to Fashion by keith
Ever hear someone yell an ethnic slur and have no idea who they’re aiming it at? Or wondered why that Irish kid in school got all riled up when someone called him a “mick”? The Racial Slur Database is here to help with all your “what the hell does THAT mean?” needs.
to Culture by jacquez
Nov 15, 2000
FindSame is a search engine that searches by content instead of keywords. Enter a URL or upload a document and FindSame returns a list of Web pages that contain any fragment of that document longer than about one line of text. This is remarkably handy for finding plagarized content.
to Web by joshua
Wouldn’t the new media maze on the internet be alot easier for people to use if we mapped out the online music industry like the human genome? Well, that’s exactly the goal of The Music Genome Project — to become the largest updated directory of music and new media online.
to Media by kade
You go to a search engine. You look for something, shall we say,unusual. No one’s the wiser, right? Wrongo, referrer-log breath!
to Web by tregoweth
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