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Week 1

Jan 6th

Introduction to the course. Syllabus.
Introduction to the Mac OS.

Read: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_media_art

In eLearning, find the discussion forum titled New Media Art Wiki. Respond the the posted questions.

Introduction Survey AM

Introduction Survey PM


Reading: Mark Tribe New Media Art Introduction
(DUE Monday, Jan 13th at Midnight to eLearning discussion forum)

Audacity Tutorials

Jan 8th

Mashup Lecture: What is a Mashup?

Introduction to the first project: the Audio Self Portrait

Introduction to Audacity


  • Continue reading
  • Gather songs for your self portrait
  • Draft of Audio Self Portrait Due: Jan 16th

Week 2

Jan 14th

Discussion of the reading

Copyright Lecture (PDF)



Draft of Audio Self Portrait DUE Jan 16th

Jan 16th

Groups Assigned

DUE: Draft of Audio Self Portrait

Upload your MP3 to the eLearning discussion forum. Each member of your group should listen to each others song.  Provide two areas of improvement, two areas of strength, and one insite. (Simply writing “I like it” is not sufficient.)


Week 3

Jan 21st

Critique! Audio Self Portrait DUE

Upload your MP3 files to the dropbox in eLearning. (Hold onto your both your OGG and MP3 files, we will need them at the end of the course.) Include your 2-3 paragraph statement. This statement should discuss your project both conceptually and technically. (Hold onto your statements as well. We will also need these for your portfolios.)


Photoshop Tutorials
This is for an older version of Photoshop, but the basics are the same.

Jan 23rd

Finish Audio Self Portrait Critiques

Intro to Photoshop

Week 4/5

Jan 28th/Feb 4th

  • Finish Photoshop Clinic
  • Introduction to Project 2: the Mashup
  • Nic Cage is Everywhere exercise
  • Group topics assigned
  • What makes a good mashup? exercise
  • The power of groups (in Photoshop)

Nic Cage as ?? Photomanipulation

Pay special attention to graphics lessons we discussed in class. What is the resolution of the the two images you want to merge? How will that effect your methodology. Save a copy, limit the saved file to a maximum length of either side 1000px and a default ‘medium’ quality jpeg. Please remember to label the file with your first initial, last name plus a file name e.g. sgevurtz_cage_as_shamu.jpeg. This is due before class on Thursday, Feb 6th. Please save a medium jpeg as before and turn it in via eLearning dropbox before Thursday.Save this file for inclusion in your portfolio for the end of semester.


  • Proposal for Project 2: Mashup (Post your 1-2 sentence proposal to the discussion forum)
    What are the two things that you are going to put together?
  • Nic Cage is Exerywhere exercise
  • Digital Painting Tutorials (See link below)

Jan 30th/Feb 6th

  • Discussion of proposals
    • Post your proposal for your mashup project.  What are the two things you plan to mash together? For what effect?Group Exercise: In your groups you will discuss your proposals.  Each person must identify two strengths of the idea, two potential weaknesses and one insight.  If you are between multiple ideas, help each other determine the strength and weaknesses of each so that you can pick the strongest.
  • A taste of Digital Painting
    • Tutorials
      Watch videos 1-5. There are files to download, and we will do the exercises in class.
    • Using the tablet to dodge and burn: TUTORIAL
    • Painting a sphere.
    • Optional Digital Painting Exercise: Find an image of an apple to copy.
  • Lab – work on your mashup, finish Nic Cage is everywhere


  • Mashup Draft DUE Feb 11th
    You need to have about 6 different variations for your draft. They should be quick drafts, and not take you longer than 15 minutes each. Think of them in a similar way that you might think of a sketch for a drawing. They can all be the same topic, or if you are between ideas here is your chance to flush them out and pick one.
  • Come with 1-2 tricks or tips about Photoshop to share with the class. There will be a discussion forum for any video tutorials you find that you would like to share.

Week 6

Feb 11th

Group discussion of quick drafts. Post one or two to the discussion forum in eLearning. In your groups discuss at least two areas of improvement, two areas of strength, and one insite. This is a good opportunity to narrow down layout, ideas, etc.

1-2 Photoshop tips or tricks
Mashup drafts


Mashup Draft DUE Feb 18th: this needs to be a more polished draft

Reading: Corporate Parody/Culture Jamming

Feb 13th

Watch: RIP! A Remix Manefesto LINK

RIP! A Remix Manefesto Questions
Post your responses to the Discussion Forum in eLearning.

Week 7

Feb 18th

DUE: RIP! A Remix Manefesto Response (Posted to Discussion forum in eLearning)

  • Group Presentation: Corporate Parody/Culture Jamming
  • Printing Demo
  • Trimming Demo
  • Second Discussion of Drafts
    • Post a JPG (Save for web, medium quality) to the discussion forums. In your group look at each group members drafts. On the discussion forum post two things that work, two areas of improvement and one insight. (Remember, an insight is something like “it reminds me of this …” etc.) Simply stating “It’s good” is not sufficient feedback.
  • Image and Semiotics Lecture: Intro to Project 3, Lie to Me


Continue Working on Mashup

Feb 20th

Printing Day!
Come ready to print your Mashups. If you are not ready to print, it is your responsibility to come during print lab hours to get your Mashup printed.

Instructions for printing:

  • Save your files as a tiff or PDF file
  • If you want to print a test, use the 5550 printer. (Keep in mind colors will be slightly different because of paper/ink used.)
  • Place your file on a flashdrive for the lab monitor or Colleen.
  • Instruct the lab monitor to use gloss photo paper.
  • If you have a heavily black image, make sure your blacks are saved as pure black (code OOO).
  • Trim your Mashup.
  • And you are done.

Week 8

Feb 25th


Hacking/Hacktivism group needs to give me readings to assign.


Hacking/Hacktivism Reading

AM Section:

Mark Tribe, “New Media Art”:

Overview: Themes/Tendencies: Hackers and hacktivism

Artists: Cory ArcangelElectronic Disturbance Theater

Optional Further Reading:

Cory Arcangel on Wikipedia

Artwork: Cory Arcangel’s Super Mario Clouds

Electronic Disturbance Theater on Wikipedia

Hacktivism on Wikipedia
Bonus: “The Hacker’s Manifesto” by The Mentor

PM Section:




DUE: Monday, March 3rd at midnight

Lie to Me project proposal (presentation PDF from last week LINK)
DUE: Thursday, Feb 27th at the beginning of class. Post it to the discussion forum in eLearning.

Feb 27th

Group discussion of Lie to Me proposals.

Group discussions of proposals. Discuss two areas of strength, two areas of weakness and one insite. Post to the discussion boards.

Extra Credit:

Steam Show – pick an two artists from the show to write a page paper about. Discuss their work, how their work deals with science/technology. Hint: compare and contrast their medias/concepts that they are working with.


Reading Continued: Response DUE Monday, March 3rd at midnight

Lie to Me Draft DUE March 4th

Week 9

March 4th

DUE: Lie to Me Rough Draft
DUE: Reading response to eLearning

In Class:

Hacking and Hacktivism Presentation

Group Discussions of Rough Drafts. Post JPGs of your rough draft to the discussion forum on eLearning. In your groups discuss each member’s draft. Come up with two areas of improvement, two strong areas, and one insight. Post these to the discussion forum as a response.


Corporate Parody/Culture Jamming AM | PM

Hacking/Hacktivism AM | PM


Lie to Me DUE date is going to be pushed back to March 20th.
Intervention Presentation therefore will be pushed forward to March 18th.


Sketchup Tutorials!

Focus on: Getting Started and Toolbar. Try to start looking at some of the other playlists as well.

March 6th

Introduction to Sketchup
Loading Flattery for unfolding.

Short Exercise: Make a box on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Cut it out and paste it together.

Over the break Exercise:

Practice creating a geometric object. This object should have at least 8 sides. Unfold your object and have it ready for printing when we get back from sping break.

Final Print Size cannot be larger than 24″ x 24″


Have a good spring break! Stay out of trouble unless it is for ART!

Week 10

March 18th


  • Paper Box
  • Reading

In Class:

  • Intervention Presentation
  • Printing if ready (you really should be)
  • Sketchup Exercise (See March 6th for details)
    Remember that the print area cannot be larger than 24 inches by 24 inches

Internetion Presentation Survey

AM Section

PM Section


  • Identity Readings TBA
  • Finish Lie to Me project
  • Continue to work on Sketchup Exercise

March 20th


Lie to Me Project

In Class:

CRITIQUE! Be ready to start at the beginning of class

In eLearning post JPGs for your Lie to Me images and your 2-3 paragraph statement about your project in the dropbox in eLearning.


  • Identity Readings DUE: Wednesday March 26th at midnight
  • Continue to work on Sketchup Exercise DUE March 25th

Be sure to come to my artist lecture on Thursday, March 20th (this Thursday) at 5pm! IMAGE

Week 11

March 25th


Unfolded 8 sided geometric object (Folded geometric object is due no later than Thursday.)

In class:

Introduction to 4th Project: the Virus Lantern



Identity Reading:

AM Section:

Mark Tribe sources:

Outside sources:

PM Section:

March 27th

In class:

Identity Presentation

Informal Critique of Mini Project: 8 or more sided objects


Draft of Virus DUE Tuesday, March April 1st
Plan to have a printed and put together first draft of your virus. Print area (unfolded area) cannot be larger than 24inches by 36inches. If you come in during the weekend, be sure to tell the lab monitor that for the draft we are using heavyweight coated paper.

I will not print a final for your virus until you have printed a draft. The paper we are using for the final is Matte Photo.

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