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Mouchette. Web portrait of the artist as a young woman.
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 Mouchette has a posse
posted by mkn at 8:16 AM on February 13, 2002

and some people going after her 

posted by Voyageman at 9:09 AM on February 13, 2002

Weird. Weird.

posted by aaronshaf at 9:39 AM on February 13, 2002

See next post: Children’s lives insufficiently…”posted by luser at 8:18 AM PST.” Connection? I think so.

posted by boardman at 10:10 AM on February 13, 2002

I have a kid (I think I am the father) age 14. I don’t listen to him so why should I listen to a brat who doesn’t speak English like an American?

posted by Postroad at 11:07 AM on February 13, 2002

I have a kid (I think I am the father) age 14

That’s a bold exclamation to make here.
posted by ColdChef at 12:11 PM on February 13, 2002

Yeah right. Dutch weblog Alt0169 called her the perennial 13-year-old in 1999. You can buy the CD, if this is your thing.

posted by thijsk at 2:05 PM on February 13, 2002 is an Internet art project by a member of the collective. No little girls were harmed (or, for that matter, involved) in the making of the site.

By the way, mouchette is French for fly.
posted by me3dia at 2:07 PM on February 13, 2002

Actually, mouchette is French for an outer fillet; moulding plane; snuffers (for candle); barnacles (for horse); or nose-ring (for pig or bull)…anything, it seems, but a fly. Mouche is the proper French for “fly”…but perhaps it is a pet name where the “-ette” was added to the end of the noun to make it diminutive.

posted by mosspink at 2:32 PM on February 13, 2002

I stand corrected…although I was aware that it was a slangish word.

I think the name also used to be explained somewhere on that site. Probably something to the effect of “small fly.”
posted by me3dia at 2:44 PM on February 13, 2002

Just the character’s name, really =)

Or “petite mouche”, yeah…
posted by XiBe at 8:54 AM on February 14, 2002


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