Mouchette set to music?

I received a message asking for permission to set some texts of Mouchette to music. I agreed on it. I’m curious to hear it one day…

Name: Alvaro Rojas



Hi Martine, I?m a student/composer from Vancouver, Canada and was shown your Mouchette website by a friend and was fascinated by the world you created. I’m currently working on a short chamber piece featuring a lone soprano singer and was hoping to get your blessing to use some of the writing from Mouchette as the text for my piece. In the piece, I want to set the cryptic prose of Mouchette to music that reflects both the innocence and darkness of the website, as well as the unknown identity of it’s author. I’m writing the piece to submit for consideration for a workshop held in Victoria, BC in September.

Here’s the link:

This is not a paid/commissioned work. Please let me know if this is ok with you, I’d really be honored to virtually collaborate with you like this



P.S. I’ve also incl uded the text that I selected, organized how I envision it appearing in the piece. All the text comes directly from Mouchette, and you would of course be credited as the author on my piece.


MouchetteI – Lullaby for a dead fly Bonjour!It’s meyou just …… touched ……a secret link ………….. and entered ……. this pagenow…. ……let the mouse ……… ….. softly ……on the mat …feel …….the surface …… of the ………. ………. pagewith …….your arrow …..touch ……… in the dark Finally, I can come that close to youDo you also want to come that close to me?Yes or No?Put your cheekon the monitorHow does it feel? My own tasteYour own tasteWant to know whatmy tongue tastes like?Try it on your screenand tell meI’m kept away from you behind this glass in company of my flesh and blood parts.Come inside my earand whisper a songor a secretAm I deador asleep?Is there anything you can seethrough my eyelid?Can you guess my dream? :touché …… .II- Flesh and Blood partsThese pages show the love I have for my mother and fatherThey say I’m their own flesh and blood, so this is what I wanted to show in these portraitsMy motherasked me what part of her body I represented but I could not give an answer. Would you know ?My mother doesn’t mind if I give you a kiss through the screen. That’s allowed.I made a portrait of my dad out of a piece of raw meat because of that “flesh and blood thing” between him and me.I put some raw meat directly into the scanner in order to make this nice portrait of my parents. Of course, I got my parent’s permissionMy dad lets me do everything I want on the web, as long as I stay behind the monitor screen.And I cleaned the glass from all the blood afterwards.That I get my parent’s permission for the web works doesn’t mean I have to tell them everything. So if you tell me something very secret, I won’t repeat it to themMouchette, comme Clochette, la fée du monde imaginaire…*bisous*


From: Martine Neddam <>
Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2012 11:37 pm
Subject: Re: Message from : Mouchette set to music?

> Dear Alvaro,

> I’m very happy to know that my art is inspiring your music and
> you have my permission to use my texts, as long as you mention
> the website ( and my name (Martine Neddam).

> When the time comes, I would really like to listen to a
> recording of your piece.
> Will you send me one?

> I used to train as a soprano/mezzo-soprano myself, long ago, not
> professionally, but with much passion.
> I sung some baroque repertoire, and also Cherubino in Le Nozze
> di Figaro “Non so più cosa son, cosa faccio…”

> Did you know Mouchette also composed music and sung it?
> *bisous*
> M*


Thanks Martine,

Interesting to hear about your singing past – I would have never guessed, I guess there’s always hidden connections.

If the piece gets chosen for this workshop I mentioned, I will most certainly send you a recording. I’ll let you know whatever happens in terms of performances/recordings in the future.

Having thoroughly combed through Mouchette’s website, I am aware of her music interests, and there are allusions to it in the piece 🙂




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