The MouchetteCoin

The MouchetteCoin is a unit of value derived from the sale of  the Mouchette website.

A  few points.
-LiMa has nothing to offer to that project right now, not even good organisation skills…
-A Version Project  doesn’t need blockchain, as you always said. I understand, although it would be a nice idea to tie the two together. But if it’s too far-fetched, it would be a waste of energy.
-Two different projects could be an option.
-For a Version Project, it would need the interest of the Stedelijk Museum, to validate their ownership of Version01. Karen Archey has just arrived in her job, and hasn’t given the collection any interest yet. So better wait until that happens, no?
-I would still love to develop a blockchain project that would relate to the “value” of Mouchette. I have had some talks, with David Jonas, a programmer who did some work with Blockchain. As I was talking about a possible MouchetteCoin, that would relate not to market-value but  to network-value (whatever that means…) he mentioned the idea of the military friendship coin, a token of appreciation.
That’s where I am: I haven’t given up on anything, but I’m uncertain how to go forward.



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