My Guide, Mochette

Net Art’s Realm of Possibilities: My Guide, Mochette

I surrounded my exhibit around an interview between Mouchette and Manthos Santorineos. I chose to have this virtual character guide me because of her keen insight of the virtual world and her uncanny perception of the difference between the real world and the virtual world. This character remains anonymous, though is defined as “a young artist who has been under the age of 13 since 1996”, when the website was created.( explains virtual life as a form of death. However, she expresses the net can circulate emotions and that the existence of avatars need the entire range of human emotions. Meaning, avatarperformances come from the mind of a humans, who live outside the virtual world. The artist must realize theavatar is in a different world and must remain as structured as it is. But the human emotions are free to travel to both sides. The practice of avatar art has limitations, but the more technology advanced the real world is the more advanced they become. The realm of virtual world can extend the human eye into unseen imagination.

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