My Orange Wrapper

If I were a fly, I would represent the place where I live like this: a perfect crossroads seen from the sky, with me in the center, this imaginary point where two streets meet. From that ideal view point, it looks like a flower or wind rose with the four directions.
It takes an artist to create that ideal view point, and that’s an artist’s duo even: Polak and van Bekkum. They created that view and they call it an urban fruit. You can also order one if you think of an interesting location.


i still live in the same house as 17 years ago, and it is still CHEZ MOI or should I rather say, CHEZ MOUCHETTE


If I were  a fly I would be Mouchette, a little fly who always used her imagination to manipulate images and view things from above, in her own way, without Google StreetView.

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