My Own Private Reality

Miranda July / Harrell Fletcher in My Own Private Reality

Miranda July and Harrell Fletcher‘s Learning to Love you More is an ongoing collaborative web project which invites the public to undertake ‘assignments’ and post their ‘reports’ online. Each assignment on the web has a built-in limit or restriction: everything from taking a digital photograph (with flash) of the space under your bed, to writing a list of five events from 1984 are included. The project grew out of Fletcher and July’s desire to respond to their existing audiences–over the last decade or so, both artists have become increasingly interested in ways of sparking creativity in so-called non-artists or amateurs. July is known for instigating a media arts community of women filmmakers and spectators through Big Miss Moviola, a distribution network designed to share short experimental films and videos. Established in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, Big Miss Moviola began as an irreverent, do-it-yourself video chainletter, but quickly grew into an active website and a series of curated compilation tapes released as Joanie 4 Jackie 4Ever. Similarly, Fletcher, an interdisciplinary artist, has spent the last 10 years exploring the complicated interplay between himself and his spectators, pondering ways to interact that are more fruitful and compelling. “Ultimately the website might function as a school, a gallery, a magazine, a place to hang out and meet people,” says Fletcher. “It could be our idealized version of a little art world, all nice and self-contained, and open for anyone to participate in.” (text from Creative Capital essays online).

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