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The Mouchette Copyright  Affaire

The French Society of Authors’ Rights (SACD) following a request from Robert Bresson’s widow, has forbidden Mouchette of the site http://mouchette.org to show one of her works related to the film called “Mouchette” created by Robert Bresson in 1967. The forbidden work is a quiz comparing both characters, the girl from the film and the girl from the website.
Here is the letter that forbids the film quiz: letter

This interdiction unfortunately censors a work which is an homage celebrating the source of its inspiration. The narrow-mindedness of the heir of the copyright is the only cause for this interdiction. As a protest, several websites are presenting copies of this quiz which is no longer allowed to be shown on mouchette.org

The activities in support of mouchette.org will be announced at the following websites, where the URLs of the several copies will also be constantly updated:
The information in english will be available here:

You can download the forbidden work here and install it on your own site:

A public debate and a press conference will take place in Marseille at La Compagnie on the 2nd of November to discuss the situation regarding copyright laws and the internet with a panel consisting of Pierre Bongiovanni, Antoine Moreau, Anne Laforet, Catherine Arnaud, Nicolas Maleve, a spokesperson for mouchette.org and specialists on the questions of copyright.
For more information on the debate mailto: isa@aux2mondes.org

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