My shelf

This is the shelf in my living room. On the top shelf you can see a picture of Mouchette (Nadine Nortier) being carried in the arms of Bresson the film maker. Below this shelf is a work of Lawrence wiener, a multiple, set up in a personal arrangement. I could describe all these objects one by one, but it’s mysterious how they ended up on that shelf and never left. For most of them, I can’t account of their presence on that shelf, except for the telephone, a pen and my glasses which one needs to have at hand in the living room.

The multiple of Laurence Wiener is presented like this in pictures, but it made of loose mettalic pieces and you can arrange them the way you want. I could never remove them from this place because the adhesive I used  has damaged the wall. Is my shelf representing my life, with things coming in for a reason and staying there for no reason?


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